Turing Phone Cadenza is Coming with 2 Processors, 12GB RAM & 100 Wh Battery & 60MP Camera

    These days, we are coming across smartphones launched by new players and one such maker that has created headlines right now is Turing Robotics Industries (TRI).

    Turing Phone Cadenza is Coming With 2 CPUs, 12GB RAM & 60MP Camera

    The device that TRI has launched is Turning Phone Cadenza. It is claimed that the smartphone will be released in 2017 and the specs look too insane for us to believe in it. The device runs on Swordfish OS and it is capable of deep learning, claims the company.

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    The spreadsheet that TRI put up created a buzz due to the unrealistic and unbelievable specs. The company claims that they believe that they can disrupt the status quo with the Turing Phone Cadenza from the future to the present. After many delays, the Turning Phone has come with bizarre claims.

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    Take a look at the Turning Phone Cadenza from below.

    Houses two SD830 processors

    The Turing Phone Cadenza will be powered by two Snapdragon 830 processors claims the presentation. Well, do we actually need 2 processors in a smartphone is a major question that every one will get, but that remains unclear.

    Turing Phone Cadenza will have 12 GB RAM

    The trend of 6 GB RAM phones is just gripping in and we are yet to see many more offerings with such a large RAM in them. Moreover, 8 GB RAM is yet to be used in smartphones. However, TRI claims that its phone will equip 12 GB RAM on board. Also, the expandable storage support will be 1 TB.

    Screen sounds reasonable

    Talking of the display, the Turning Phone Cadenza is claimed to be given a 5.8-inch display boasting a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. We have seen such screen resolutions before too.

    Cadenza will have dual 20 MP front cameras

    As per the company, the Cadenza will feature dual 20 MP front cameras and a 60 MP iMAX 6K Quad Rear Camera with Triplet Lens that is unrealistic on a smartphone. A camera that captures 60 MP photos or 6K video would definitely occupy a lot of the storage space, but the phone claims to have it anyways.

    You'll get four nano SIM slots

    These days, most users prefer dual SIM phones for several reasons. To extend the convenience, the Turning Phone Cadenza will bring four dual SIM slots and all will support only nano SIM cards.

    Cadenza will need a lot of juice

    With such insane specs, the phone will definitely need a lot of juice to keep it running. The Cadenza will include a 100 Wh battery with graphene superconductor, lithium ion battery, and a hydrogen fuel cell.

    It will have deep learning ability

    The Cadenza will apparently use Swordfish OS, an unannounced operating system based on Sailfish that will utilize AI deep learning, running a neural network, natural language processing, and using differential privacy.


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