Upcoming Nokia Prism Concept is Simply Amazing!

Nokia seems to be in-line to launch new Android smartphones by the end of this year or early 2017. However, a new concept phone is making waves in the smartphone arena.

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It's all happening in the smartphone world. Xiaomi has gone ahead and launch the first ever concept with almost zero bezels. However, a concept from an unknown source shows a Nokia phone and it looks stunning in many ways.

Upcoming Nokia Prism Concept is Simply Amazing!

As we all know and according to several employees of Nokia itself, the Finnish smartphone giant will launch Android-powered smartphones by the end of this year or maybe early 2017 or by MWC 2017.

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As of now, there is no info regarding the launch date, however, rumors are milling about a Nokia smartphone dubbed as the Nokia D1C, however it will be the placed in the entry-level segment according to the leaked specs.

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Now, coming to the weird Nokia Prism concept, the concept looks awkward in so many ways. Let's find out what the concept shows about the Nokia's future.

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Nokia Prism Doesn’t Look Like a Phone!

At first glance itself, we admitted that the Nokia Prism doesn't look like a phone in any angle. Instead, it looks like a tablet, however, the extra-large bezels doesn't pave its way as a tablet either.

Runs Windows Phone OS

According to the concept, the weird Nokia phone runs Windows Phone OS and there aren't many leaks on this aspect.

Two Rear Camera Flashes

In the camera department, the Nokia Prism's concept images show that the rear camera will have two flashes, which is really awkward.

You Can’t Hold it With Two Hands Either

Firstly, the Nokia Prism looks different from the usual smartphone and its shape proves that it won't be easier to hold even with two hands.

After all, it’s Just a Concept!

So, if you're wondering about this concept will ever come true or not. Then we have an answer for you. The concept not only looks weird, but also doesn't look to be so real to manufacture.

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