5 WARNING Signs That Your Samsung Phone is Going to Blast

    The increasing number of incidents related to recent exploding of Samsung phones become a matter of serious concern for the users as well as the company.

    5 WARNING Signs That Your Samsung Phone is Going to Blast

    Exploding mobile batteries has become a very common sight for the smartphone users, especially the Samsung users.

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    There has not been just one incident that has been under the limelight of exploding batteries, but numerous such cases. Although these harrowing events have not been life threatening, do you want it to be? Taking precautionary measures are the smartest things to do.

    5 WARNING Signs That Your Samsung Phone is Going to Blast

    We at GIZBOT have earlier talked about the exploding batteries and the reason behind it.
    However, here's how to find out whether your mobile will blast or not, before it can affect your life in any way.

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    Overheating of Phone

    Normally, the lithium-ion batteries generate heat but are optimized to manage the heat when put for charging. However, even if it starts turning too hot to touch, even on moderate usage, all you can do is replace your battery before it can cost your life.

    Bulging Mobile Batteries

    If your mobile battery is bulging out, all you need to do is just remove the battery from the smartphone preventing it from being exploded. This is because using such a phone can cause harm to the circuitry of the phone, and in turn build a life risk.

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    Carry Out a Spin Test

    While using your phone, in case it becomes too hot to even touch the phone, you should start looking for a battery replacement or to be sure conduct a spin test. Just lay the mobile battery on a table or a floor, and spin it. In case the battery spins, it means that the battery has a bulge in it, and needs replacement.

    After identifying, you can take a look at the preventive measures of stopping your Samsung phone battery from exploding as mentioned below.

    Don't Damage You Smartphone

    There are people who often drop their phone or intentionally damage them. Do you know by doing so you are calling trouble for yourself? Stabbing, dropping or damaging your phone in anyway is a cause that your smartphone might be prone to explosions.

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    Recharging Smartphone in Low Temperatures is Prohibited

    People living in low-temperature areas are mostly prone to mobile battery explosions.
    As per the reports, lithium-ion batteries should always be avoided from being charged in a sub-freezing environment.

    This can cause permanent plating of metallic lithium, which increase the chances to battery failure.


    Buying Batteries from no so popular makers is a Strict 'No'

    Although a few smartphone users are too brand conscious when they are required to buy new parts for their device, many are usually not.

    Due to this, several no-name manufacturers are gaining importance in the market. However, they fail to meet the safety standards of products sold at retail stores. Hence, buying these unsafe parts may cost you your life.

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    Not Keeping Phone in a Ventilated Place While Charging Can Explode Batteries

    There have been instances of exploding batteries when the user kept the phone for charging under a pillow as this may lead to the phone from overheating.

    Dropped Phone into Water? Not Getting it Checked by Professional is Restricted

    Dropping our phone into water is such a usual sight, isn't it?

    To regain our phone back, we often don't take it to a mobile professional but become experts ourselves.

    However, experts say that despite all the rescue attempts, there can be corrosion or short-circuiting that can occur inside the phone which can lead to overheating, leading to explosion of the phone.

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