What happens to your smartphone when it overheats?

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We all have been through this phase of smartphone heating issue at one time or the other. Sometimes, heating or overheating can cause the severe problem to smartphones and damage the internals.

What happens to your smartphone when it overheats?

If your time is not good, it might even burst sometimes. We have seen lots of smartphones exploding in flight, shop, pockets and etc. These issues collectively bought anxiety about smartphone heating among the consumers.

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We should know to differentiate between warm, heat and overheat. While gaming most of the mobile get warm and during charging, most of them heats as well. It is common for smartphones to touch between 35℃ and 42℃ in a controlled environment. If something goes beyond this, then it is not normal at all.

What happens to your smartphone when it overheats?

Causes of smartphone heating?

  • Processor -- Sometimes the processor is the main culprit when it comes to overheating issue. Moreover, Snapdragon 810 and 615 is known for heating issues. However, this is not the only one as well. 
  • Excessive usage - If you put your smartphone through excessive usages, like multitasking, high-end games and all, smartphones can get warm.
  • Battery - Heating in Li-ion batteries also suffer from phenomena called 'thermal runaways’ which dissipates, even more, heat when heated across the body of the device, especially if its metal phone. 
  • Poor Signals - Poor cellular reception or downloading apps on weak wifi signals will cause excessive heating as smartphone needs to do more work. 
What happens to your smartphone when it overheats?

How to avoid overheating?

To prevent your device from overheating make sure you don’t play demanding games for too long or watch videos, avoid multitask on applications that require a lot of processing power.

Sometimes you just have a bad battery. If the battery itself seems like it’s constantly overheating, then it may be time to pick up a new one

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