What killer smartphone features can we expect in 2019?

The year 2019 will be full of ‘Elevating cameras, Full-screen displays, and Triple-lens camera setups. Let’s find out what’s in store for smartphone enthusiasts.

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Smartphones have come a long way in the last ten years. They have evolved consistently with advancements in mobile technology to become our 'Digital Companions' that address everyday tasks with ease.

What killer smartphone features can we expect in 2019?


Remember the days when devices came with a monochrome 3-inch screen, had 128MB storage and had no camera, or at best a VGA snapper? And now look at the devices available. Massive vivid 6inch screens with gigabytes of storage and a camera that can compete with a DSLR. The evolution of smartphones is no less than a wonder.

It is undeniable that the tiny devices sitting in our pockets today have become more than just communication devices. They serve as modern digital assistants that help us connect with the world and express ourselves through words, pictures, GIFs, emojis and videos. Moreover, smartphones also have a significant role in creating new trends and in shaping our culture. Now is an exciting time in the smartphone world, with undreamt of technologies becoming a reality.

But with this advancement, it has become even more difficult for smartphone manufacturers to keep the always demanding consumer satisfied. Companies are always on the look-out for that something extra that will give them a competitive edge over their competition. Be it an operating system, AI camera, zero bezels etc., you need to always bring something new on the table. For organizations like Vivo that strive to make cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone, developing technology and designing handsets that make our lives smarter and simpler has never been so important.

As an innovative smartphone brand popular among young consumers around the globe, Vivo made the headlines in 2018 by showcasing its cutting-edge mobile technology and sophisticated craftsmanship. The brand stole the limelight with a prototype of the world's first Elevating Front Camera on a smartphone to achieve the best-in-class screen-to-body ratio. The same device also showcased how machine learning can enhance user experience.


With 2018 being a year full of surprises, we can expect 2019 to be another year full of even more mind-blowing innovations where emerging trends like an Elevating Front Camera will become a mainstream feature in the smartphone world.

Let's look at what Vivo has up their sleeve to address the consumer needs in 2019.

Elevating Front Camera Up. Notches, dead.

Most smartphones in the market today have their selfie cameras placed on the front screen itself, impacting the phone's overall aesthetics, and reducing the size of the viewable screen. To address this and achieve a true full-screen experience, Vivo's engineers developed an innovative elevating front camera which is housed under the display. This world-first elevating camera design was debuted in Vivo's APEXTM Concept smartphone and was later made available to consumers in the form of Vivo NEX flagship smartphone in June 2018.

With an elevating front camera, the selfie camera is 'hidden' within the phone's display - increasing the phone's screen-to-body ratio by removing the regular notch. For those seeking a bezel-less screen, this is the perfect option.

While clicking selfies, the hidden front camera automatically elevates and retracts back to its safe spot once the photo has been clicked. The retractable camera assembly can also withstand strong pulling and torsion force. Moreover, the front camera automatically retracts upon detecting an external force to prevent any damage to important parts.

What killer smartphone features can we expect in 2019?

Vivo, as the pioneer of the ultimate bezel-less display, has become an inspiration for future smartphone designs. In 2019, we can expect new feats of smartphone design innovation when it comes to bezel-less notch-free displays in mid-range smartphones, in addition to flagship smartphones.

The Pursuit of Super High-Quality Selfies

Apart from realizing the ideal bezel-less design, smartphone brands are also working to push the boundaries of mobile photography to bring clearer and better photos to consumers. In 2018, we have seen brands like Vivo introducing phones with front cameras ranging from 8 to 24 megapixels. With selfies already an important part of youth culture today, in 2019, we can expect front cameras to boast of a higher megapixels count to deliver even sharper and higher-quality selfies.

Professional Photos with the help of even more advanced AI technology

In 2018, we saw the emergence of AI on high-end smartphones. This year we predict that AI-technology will no longer be limited to only high-end phones, but will become more accessible. We can also expect to see more advanced features in the mid-range smartphone segment that caters to a wider audience which loves using new technologies.

AI-enhanced cameras will move from gimmicky features such as face recognition stickers and emojis to features that will naturally enhance photos. For instance, Vivo launched a unique AI Face Beauty mode in their smartphones this year that subtly enhances the user's facial features using 3D modeling. We are quite excited to see how this game-changing feature will evolve in 2019.

What killer smartphone features can we expect in 2019?

AI technologies can also help consumers take photos like a professional in any situation. In unfavorable, low light situations, most smartphones suffer from blurry, low-resolution dark images. Recent advancements in AI imaging algorithms mean smartphones can calculate the exposure and recognize light sources to capture great photos with detail and precision in low light conditions. We have already seen Vivo introduce AI-enabled low light photography technology to its smartphones last year, so we can expect advanced versions to show up on smartphones in 2019.

In the past year, the smartphone industry has seen the emergence of innovative and futuristic features. In 2019, let's hope brands continue their commitment to consumers by introducing cutting-edge technologies such as the 'Elevating Front Camera' while also making them more accessible, allowing consumers from all walks of life to experience the power of true smartphone technology.

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