What Makes Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite The Best Smartphone For Shutterbugs

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A good camera smartphone is an absolute necessity in today's digital era as everyone loves chronicling their life events. Whether you run an online business or just like posting pictures, a superior optical setup ensures the content meets the highest quality standards. To accomplish that, you need a top-notch camera smartphone. That's what the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is all about; making your life easy.

What Makes Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite The Best Smartphone For Shutterbugs

Samsung has hit it out of the park with its versatile camera hardware on the Galaxy S10 Lite. The camera is powered by best-in-class sensors and professional photography tools, be it clicking great selfies or capturing the world in detail. Let's find out how the Galaxy S10 Lite manages to deliver a stellar camera performance on all fronts.

What Makes Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite The Best Smartphone For Shutterbugs

Class-leading Camera Hardware

The Galaxy S10 Lite boasts a triple-lens camera setup featuring a 48MP F2.0 primary sensor. The massive 48MP primary lens supports auto focus and is also optically stabilized, which means it cancels out blurs and shakes to capture crisp images. The 48MP sensor is paired with a 12MP F/2.2 ultra wide-angle lens with industry-leading 123-degree field-of-view.

Next is a 5MP macro lens aided with F/2.4 aperture. The rear camera offers 8x digital zoom and can record 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) videos up to 60fps, 1080p videos up to 60fps, Live Focus videos with real-time bokeh and slow-motion videos up to 720@960fps. The camera can also record videos in high-efficiency format (HEVC) to save space on the device.

What Makes Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite The Best Smartphone For Shutterbugs

Crisp Hi-Res. Images

Talking about the image quality, the Galaxy S10 Lite captures excellent shots in daylight. The phone captures 12MP pixel-binned images by default but you have the option to enable the dedicated 48MP mode to capture high-resolution images. Shots captured in both 12MP and 48MP show excellent details. The contrast is always right at the point and the primary sensor also ensures well-developed shadows and highlights even in challenging situations when lighting is unfavorable.

What Makes Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite The Best Smartphone For Shutterbugs

Not just that, you can zoom in up to 8x to capture distant objects without losing out on a single detail. The zoomed-in images also show crisp details and fine textures. Excelling in color science, every picture clicked from the Galaxy S10 Lite shows the right color balance which saving you from the post-processing hassle. This saves you a lot of time if you are travelling or using the device for street photography. As every shot captured shows realistic colors, you can post images on your Instagram without any editing.

What Makes Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite The Best Smartphone For Shutterbugs

Ultra Wide Camera

A camera phone is incomplete without a good wide-angle camera, especially if you are fond of landscape photography. Well, the Galaxy S10 Lite has you covered as you can capture dramatic wide-angle shots because the phone's camera setup boasts a 12MP ultra-wide lens with industry-leading 123° field-of-view. It allows you to capture crisp landscape shots with an expansive field-of-view that no other smartphone can match. Despite the remarkable 123° field-of-view, the images come out distortion-free, thanks to the phone's intelligent software. Most importantly, the 12MP wide-angle sensor captures the correct white balance, punchy colors and excellent dynamic range that you get to see in the 48MP high-resolution sensor.

What Makes Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite The Best Smartphone For Shutterbugs

Excellent Portraits

Portraits have become an integral part of day-to-day photography. The Galaxy S10 Lite features the 'Live Focus' mode that captures crisp and high-resolution pictures with real-time bokeh effect. The camera sensors keep the subject in pin-sharp focus and blur the background for a professional-grade photography experience. In this image, the flowers are kept in perfect focus with background diffusing pleasingly. The 48MP primary sensor works in tandem with the ultra wide-angle lens to create such pleasing bokeh with natural color tones.

What Makes Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite The Best Smartphone For Shutterbugs

Stunning Macro Camera Results

The Galaxy S10 Lite also takes you closer to the wonders of nature which are usually hidden to naked eyes. The dedicated 5MP macro lens enables you to capture fascinating close-up shots of tiny objects. Check out the above image. The fine texture on flower petals and vibrant colors simply look brilliant. You can capture stunning macros from as close as 4cm to subjects to reveal the fine details.

Most importantly, the 5MP macro sensor maintains the same level of details and color vibrancy of the primary and ultra wide-angle sensor on the Galaxy S10 Lite. Other phones with 2MP dedicated macros just can't match the color balance, sharpness and details of the 5MP sensor on the Galaxy S10 Lite.

What Makes Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite The Best Smartphone For Shutterbugs

Incredible Low-Light Camera Performance

Low-light is not a challenge for the Galaxy S10 Lite as the Super Steady OIS-backed camera setup ensures well-lit shots in tough lighting conditions. The hardware module keeps the lens stabilized, thus allowing a great amount of light to enter the sensor. This helps the camera's algorithm to capture the minutest of details in absolute clarity. The auto HDR kicks in automatically while shooting in low-light to preserve highlights and shadows. The camera app also offers a Pro mode that lets you control important elements like the ISO, Exposure, Focus, and Color Balance to derive the desired image output.

What Makes Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite The Best Smartphone For Shutterbugs

32MP Front-Facing Camera Captures Crisp Selfies

The Galaxy S10 Lite boasts a class-leading 32MP front-facing camera with an f/2.2 aperture. The camera captures impressive self-portraits with natural color tones and excellent details. The intelligent camera software ensures that your face shows the right skin texture in different light situations. The front camera does not apply any unwanted skin smoothening and beautification that avoids making the overall image output look artificial.

Super Steady OIS For Blur-Free Videos

The Galaxy S10 Lite uses a dedicated hardware module that effectively stabilizes the 48MP primary lens to deliver crisp pictures and shake-free videos. You will be surprised to see the real-life results as the videos are stable and blur-free. This is because the Super Steady OIS on the Galaxy S10 Lite has a much wider range of correction. It offers up to ±3° video stabilization correction which is much wider as compared to the regular OIS.

Moreover,You can capture stable and professional-grade 4K 60fps videos even in the most challenging light situations and that too without a gimbal.

Zoom-in Mic For Professional-Grade Audio

Another highly useful feature is the Zoom-in Mic. It facilitates recording videos with the realistic sound output by allowing you to zoom in on a subject to record the natural audio from a distance. As you zoom in on a particular subject, the phone's microphones enhance the audio produced to add a movie-like dynamic effect. This gives you a feeling that you are right there at the scene creating an immersive audio/video effect.

No Compromise Camera Smartphone

Overall, the Galaxy S10 Lite is by far the best camera smartphone we have tested in its respective price-point. The versatile camera setup is designed to deliver professional-grade photography experience in any situation. Be it landscape photography, portraits, low-light shots or video-recording, the Galaxy S10 Lite is always ready to capture stunning pictures and videos to step up your photography game.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is priced at just Rs. 42,999 on Samsung.com, Flipkart and Samsung stores. You can get an additional Rs. 4,000 off on the handset if you are an HDFC credit/debit card user. Additionally, you can also grab the Galaxy S10 Lite under "No Cost EMI" scheme which starts at just Rs. 3,583.24 per month.

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