Why Dual Camera Lens Setup on Smartphones Has Become A Trend

Why should you choose phones with dual camera lens setup?

    All of the sudden, the dual camera setup on smartphones has become a growing trend. Leading phone manufacturers including Apple, LG, HTC and Huawei have already launched smartphones with the dual camera setup and more are all set to join the trend.

    Why Dual Camera Lens Setup on Smartphones Has Become A Trend

    The dual camera implementation has already become successful and the trend is becoming a rage in the smartphone photography that we can expect it to be in the spotlight for a few years. As of now, its the premium smartphones that come with the dual lens setup on their back and soon the others might also be inspired by the same.

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    There are many notable benefits in having two cameras. To be precise, different smartphone manufacturers are bringing unqiue highlights for having two lenses at the back instead of one. If you are looking forward to analyze the reason for having two lenses on a smartphone, you need to weigh the benefits and the effect that the dual camera setup will bring to your photos before coming to a conclusion.


    Huawei along with its sub-brand Honor are approaching this camera setup to improve focus. The dual camera setup at the rear on the Huawei P9 and Honor 8 operate in such a way that one lens captures a black and white image and the other one captures a color photograph. It is claimed that both the camera lens help in focusing speeds and the laser-assisted autofocus will make things faster. The camera focuses sharply resulting in detailed and crisp photographs. When a photo is clicked, both the cameras take images at the same time and a software is used to stitch the black and white and color images together. When the ambient light is not enough, this process will make the photo brighter.

    Bokeh effect

    The bokeh effect helps professional photographers click photos with blurred background. The traditional cameras can acheive the bokeh effect with the help of a zoom lens, wide aperture or placing a large sensor close to the subject. As smartphone cameras have a fixed aperture, fixed focal length lens and small image sensor, it isn't easy to acheive the bokeh effect while clicking snaps. Using software, it was possible to overcome the hardware limitations in mobile photography. However, with the dual 12 MP rear camera lens on iPhone 7 Plus, it is simple to get the bokeh effect. The cameras identify faces among the subject and blue the background with the image processor.

    Even the Huawei phones mentioned above can render the bohek effect, but the iPhone camera takes the same to the next level. We say so as the wide angle lens on Apple iPhone 7 Plus is better to get the bokeh effect on landscape shots.

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    Zoom and perspective

    Apple and LG have come up with dual camera lens at their back to offer zoom lens and it is possible with multiple lenses and varying focal lengths. The typical zoom lenses are tough to manufacture and occupy more space. Remember the Samsung K Zoom, which features a bulky body due to the 10x optical zoom lens? The LG G5 resolves this by using a wide angled lens for as wide field of view and a secondary ultra-wide lens for a fisheye perspective. The fisheye lens will add an interesting effect as it squeezes more into the frame without using the panoramic feature while capturing the shot.

    Optical Image Stabilization

    In addition to these benefits, the smartphones from LG and Apple feature optical image stabilization that helps in minimizing the camera shake effects resulting in a sharper image. The Huawei dual camera setup phones do not have this feature. Eventually, the results could be relatively blurry when captured with shaky hands or when the lighting is not sufficient.

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    It is great to see innovation in the camera technology from the smartphone manufacturers letting users enjoy differentiated photography expereinces wihtout owning a DSLR. With the dual lens setup at the rear, it is possible to shoot interesting photos using your mobile beyond your imagination. Whatever it is, we can say that the dual lens setup on smartphones will make its way into the future and last for a few years for the benefits that it comes with.

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