Why Is Super Steady OIS On Galaxy S10 Lite Far Superior Than Normal OIS?


Smartphone cameras have come a long way since their inception and Samsung has played a vital role in their evolution. Starting from 0.3MP sensors, we now have 108MP sensors that are capable of capturing up to 8K resolution videos tucked in a mobile device. However, having a higher resolution sensor doesn't necessarily mean that the device will offer superior camera performance as there are a lot of additional parameters like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and OIS.

Why Is Super Steady OIS On Galaxy S10 Lite Far Superior Than Normal OI

OIS is an image stabilization solution that is mostly present on high-end flagship smartphones that helps the smartphone to capture stable photos and videos by cancelling external movement. Samsung has taken the technology a notch higher with its Super Steady OIS on the Galaxy S10 Lite.

Super Steady OIS (optical image stabilization) is a reiteration of OIS that lets you take ultra-steady shots in almost every lighting condition. And the results are very prominent when a low-light photo taken on the Galaxy S10 Lite is compared to a low-light photo taken on a phone with just OIS.

To understand Super Steady OIS, one needs to understand the basics of the OIS. While capturing a photo, you manually adjust parameters like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO on the phone. If there is a slight shake at the time of taking the photo, then the picture will come out blurred on a non-OIS camera smartphone. If the phone has OIS, then the movement of the device will be automatically cancelled out due to the movement of the camera in the opposite direction, resulting in a good-looking blur-free image.

Why Is Super Steady OIS On Galaxy S10 Lite Far Superior Than Normal OI

Taking a photo in a normal lighting condition might not get affected as the shutter speed will be lower. However, in low-lighting conditions, the camera sensor has to be open for a longer duration, this is where the OIS technology shines through, by keeping the camera sensor stable.

Implementing OIS on a smartphone is a very delicate and expensive process. The Galaxy S10 Lite is one of the most affordable phones in the market with Super Steady OIS. An OIS camera system includes various components such as floating lens, gyroscopes, and small motors which increase the complexity of the camera-system. This also increases the price of the device hence the feature is not seen on a majority of smartphones.

All these camera components are handled by a micro chipset, capable of detecting even a small movement and this feature by any means does not affect the natural motion blur caused by a moving object such as a car, child, or an animal. Samsung being the pioneer in the smartphone camera industry has now introduced this technology on the Galaxy S10 Lite that costs less and still offers superior camera solution when compared to its contemporaries.

Why Is Super Steady OIS On Galaxy S10 Lite Far Superior Than Normal OI

How Super Steady OIS Works On Galaxy S10 Lite?

Super Steady OIS in general terms can be called "lens tilting technology" that basically works like a gimbal to achieve anti-shaking functionality by tilting the actual lens inside the smartphone. When the built-in gyro sensor detects motion the camera module will be titled precisely on the Galaxy S10 Lite counteracting the motion.

If the motion is on the left side, the sensor will move to the right and if the motion is downwards, the sensor will move upwards and it works for all directions to stabilize the sensor to take blur-free photos and videos.

Not just that, Samsung has incorporated APP's proprietary OIS lens tilting technology that takes care of AF (Auto Focus) even while the camera sensor is being stabilized. When compared to OIS, the lens tilting or Super Steady OIS technology is much more complex and Samsung is bringing it to the masses with the Galaxy S10 Lite.

Use Case Scenarios Of Super Steady OIS On Galaxy S10 Lite

So how does Super Steady OIS on the Galaxy S10 Lite come in handy in real-life scenarios? Well, it is useful in a variety of ways here are some of the examples:

Trekking with your friends is a fun activity and with the Super Steady OIS-powered camera on the Galaxy S10 Lite, you can take blur-free pictures while doing so. While trekking, one might come across uneven terrains making it difficult to take a stable photo. Super Steady OIS solves this issue by tilting the camera to cancel out the movement hence you can capture a great memories with clear pictures.

Why Is Super Steady OIS On Galaxy S10 Lite Far Superior Than Normal OI

Going footloose in a club or a concert is a great way to spend your weekend. However, taking photos on a regular smartphone might not give you the desired results. With the camera technology on the Galaxy S10 Lite, it's certain that you'll never take a bad picture, thanks to the Super Steady OIS technology.

Why Is Super Steady OIS On Galaxy S10 Lite Far Superior Than Normal OI

Cycling is a great way to exercise and there are times when you might want to chronicle things on your way, but taking pictures while cycling could be a hassle. And, there are chances that a phone with OIS might produce blurred photos. With the Galaxy S10 Lite, you won't have to worry about blurry photos as the "lens tilting technology" gets you stable photos every time.

Considering the capabilities of the Super Steady OIS on the Galaxy S10 Lite, we can safely assume that it offers best-in-class performance and satisfies the shutterbug in you. If you are someone who has a knack for buying top-of-the-line camera smartphones then the Galaxy S10 Lite is what you seek.

Exciting Offers On The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Even with the superior camera technology, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is available for just Rs. 42,999 on various e-commerce platforms and Samsung stores. HDFC cardholders can get an additional Rs. 4,000 off and can also grab the Galaxy S10 Lite under "No Cost EMI" scheme. All these offers make the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite a great flagship smartphone with great camera features that almost everyone can afford.

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