ZTE Nubia N2: A smartphone with unmatched camera and UI features!

ZTE Nubia N2 has several camera features that include slow shutter shooting, clone, and start trail shooting along with several UI features such as edge gestures, touch gestures, and smart sensing.

    ZTE launched the Nubia N2 in India on July 5, 2017, for a price of Rs. 15,999.

    N2 is a camera centric smartphone with tons of camera features. The smartphone has a 16MP f/2.0 primary camera and is supported by f/2.2 13MP secondary camera.

    The camera app on the Nubia N2 hosts several modes which we will break down for you so that you can bring out the photographer in you.

    Let's get straight to the point!

    ZTE Nubia N2: A smartphone with unmatched camera and UI features!

    Nubia N2 camera app is unlike any other app that I have ever seen or used. It has so many features that, with few of them so exhilarating that it makes you wonder if ZTE was developing a camera and ended up building a smartphone out of it. Here are all those features from Nubia N2 camera app that has got you wondering the right way to use them.

    Multi Exposure: Multi exposure option is rarely available on a smartphone and to be rather precise, you will hardly find it on entry level and mid range DSLRs. It is a feature boasted by high-mid and high-end range DSLRs. Multiple-exposure allows users to click pictures of two separate entities overlaying one over the other. The resulting image more of a work of art. Nubia N2 offers users 5 multi exposure presets to choose from. All you need to do to use this feature is click two pictures simultaneously of the subjects you would like to merge. Here is a sample picture of Nubia N2 multiple-exposure.

    ZTE Nubia N2: A smartphone with unmatched camera and UI features!

    Light Draw:
    Light draw allows you to click pictures like these.

    ZTE Nubia N2: A smartphone with unmatched camera and UI features!

    All you need to do to use this feature effectively is place the smartphone on a tripod or a fixed stand. Click the shutter button and while you play with the light the camera shutter remains open developing a picture with a light trail.

    E-aperture: E-aperture feature allows you to make changes to the aperture value of the camera. It ranges from f/2.2. to f/44. The pictures that you get to develop using the feature are somewhat like this.

    ZTE Nubia N2: A smartphone with unmatched camera and UI features!

    There are several advantages when you have the ability to change the aperture value. You get to take long exposure pictures even in day light with a small aperture value. The above picture is an example of the same.

    Slow shutter: Using this option you can come up well-lit pictures even in dull light. But you need to hold the camera still or the pictures will be blurry.

    Start trail: To be honest, I don't think Nubia N2 has enough capability to come up with a star trail picture. I couldn't test the camera for star trail pictures since it requires completely dark sky and no light pollution to hinder while the shutter is open. But given the downside of the smartphone camera capability, I hardly think it will develop an impressive picture unless you really are at a pristine location for astrophotography.

    Trajectory: This feature allows you to capture pictures of moving objects while they leave a trail behind them. This is an all electronic feature and has nothing to do with the slow shutter speed.

    Clone: This one is really interesting! This feature allows you to capture clones of a single subject in the same picture. It develops pictures something like this. The use of this feature is somewhat complex. The clone feature requires you to take two or more feature with the same background so it is recommended that you use it with a tripod or fixed stand.

    Once you have a background and an object, you need to click the first picture. Once done with clicking place the same object somewhere else in the frame. Once you are done clicking two pictures you can choose to paint or erase the element that is in the picture. The eraser allows you to vanish objects that are in the frame.

    Other features include time-lapse, slo-mo video recording, panorama, and HDR.

    But that's not all, we also have a list of UI features that Nubia N2 offers. Let's go through them quickly:

    Dual Instance: This feature allows users to clone an app enabling them to use two different account credentials from the same phone. It clones the app that you want to use with two different login details.

    Edge Gestures: Edge gestures on Nubia N2 allow users to make essential changes and complete essential tasks on the smartphone. There are four five gestures that users have access to:

    • Hold the edge and swipe inward to quickly switch to the home screen you wish to access.
    • Swipe up or down from the edge to toggle between open apps.
    • Swipe the edge repeatedly to accelerate the smartphone.
    • Swipe from both the edges to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen.
    • Double click on the edge to go back to the previous screen.

    Touch Gestures: These gestures allow users to perform tasks quickly on the screen.

    • Double click on an idle screen to light it up
    • Place your palm on the screen to lock it.
    • Place three finger on the screen and pull them down to take a quick screen shot.
    • Use three fingers to swipe across the screen left or right to switch between apps.

    Smart Sensing: This feature offers you three options so that you can do away with feeble tasks making it easy to use the phone for essential purposes with one hand.

    • Put the phone to your ear to automatically dial a contact.
    • Place the phone on your ear to receive a call.
    • Shake the mobile to clear notifications, multi-task lists, and memory.

    Screen split-up: This feature divides the screen into two halves the proportion of which users can edit. It allows users to open two different apps at the same time. If you wish to text your friend while watching a video this is the feature for you.

    Super screenshot: This feature not only allows users to capture jpegs of on screen activity but users can also record entire video of what's going on over the screen.

    Now that you know so many of Nubia N2 features you can explore them and choose the best set of features that serve your purpose efficiently.

    Here is the entire review of ZTE Nubia N2 if you wish to go about more details of the device.

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