First 3G Wimax smartphone is out

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First 3G Wimax smartphone is out

Global Mobile Corp. is one of Taiwan’s licensed operators of worldwide interoperability for microwave access service or in short WiMAX service. They have recently launched their first dual-mode phone that can operate on 3G or WiMAX. The phone is named as 7G Miracle.

Some of the features and specifications of 7G Miracle:

  • MediaTek chipset

  • AU optronics display panel

  • Largan precision Co.’s camera lens

  • Android 2.3 mobile operating system

  • 4.1 inch touch screen

  • OpenGL 3D graphic accelerator

  • Manufactured by GemTek Technology Co. Ltd

As we can see from the list a lot of local manufactures are involved in the production of the device. By using these Taiwanese suppliers the company will be able to curtail down the cost of the device as well monitor and analyze every step in the production process. This will also aid the growth of local manufacturers and this would help them to get a firm foot hold in the TD-LTE segment.

The phone will be sold under Global Mobile Corp.’s branding itself. The MediaTek chipset can work in 3G and 4G alike. This powerful chipset along with the 3D graphic accelerator would make this a perfect media device. The 4.1 inch screen would handle the media content without much fuss.

Global Mobiles chairperson Rosemary Ho said that the company has also simultaneously released 1000 units of 4G mobile phone devices and all of these devices can be bought by placing an order online. She also quoted that the company’s target is to register 2, 50,000 WiMAX users more in the year 2012. For this they will be buying more end-user devices from local manufactures. To aid the development of the WiMAX devices the company has worked with about 20 WiMAX forum members. Also the promotion of the new venture will be done with the help of Taiwan’s telecom companies. Company has plans to diversify its TD-LTE range too. The coverage rate of mobile networks would be driven up with association of other local WiMAX operators.

7G Miracle price is not yet announced but it is rumoured to be very affordable. The phone will be available in stores by mid of December. The company might have chosen this time of the year to target the Christmas sales particularly. The users are eager to get their hands on this new device and the good news is that they don’t have to wait for long.

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