First glimpse of Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Tango smartphone

Posted By: Rahul

First glimpse of Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Tango smartphone

Nokia has redefined itself with the release of Nokia Lumia series that is making great sales across the international market. With Nokia Lumia 800 becoming a huge success, there is yet another product in waiting which is going to create huge waves in the high-end smartphone market. It is none other than Nokia Lumia 900. The yet to be released smartphone seems to come with a lot of advanced features and specifications compared to its predecessor!

As far as the rumours are concerned, Nokia Lumia 900 is expected to arrive with a 4.3 inch AMOLED display that is expected to make use of superior image resolution. Another remarkable feature is the 1.4 GHz processor that the device is expected to make use of, thus guaranteeing faster as well as superior performance.

Some of the major redesign that has taken place in Nokia Lumia 900 as per the rumours includes the absence of a cover that is currently present in most of the Nokia’s micro-USB port. Another major redesign includes the implementation of an iPhone-style pin-push access to the micro-SIM technology that is present in the Nokia devices.

Nokia Lumia 900 is also expected to come with a matte finish since sources claim that Nokia is observing closely whether they are receiving any negative feedback regarding the matte finish they have done in Nokia Lumia 800.

It is expected that Nokia Lumia 900 is expected to make use of Windows Phone Tango operating system where as there is no official announcement as of now regarding the operating system that Nokia is about to use in this high-end smartphone.

The smartphone is also expected to make use of an 8-mega pixel camera capable of providing superior image quality and high definition video playback recording. The camera is expected to come with significant improvements especially in its optics as well as image sensor. It is expected to make use of 16 GB of internal memory storage capacity. There have also been rumours claiming that Nokia Lumia 900 can be considered as a potential successor of Nokia N8.

Nokia Lumia 900 once released is expected to promote stiff competition especially for the Apple iPhone devices since the Nokia smartphone comes with almost compatible functionality as well as features as the Apple based iPhones. The extent of success of this Nokia smartphone that is still in development stage remains to be seen.

There has been no official announcement regarding the launch of Nokia Lumia 900 but as per unofficial sources,Nokia is expected to release Nokia Lumia 900 by the first quarter of 2012 leaving the Nokia fans to wait with much excitement.

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