First Look of the Nokia 803 symbian smartphone

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First Look of the Nokia 803 symbian smartphone

With the advent of Android smartphones from a number of big time companies like Samsung, LG etc, Nokia faced major setbacks, losing a lot of its followers. Struggling to get back on its feet, Nokia is rumoured to release a new successor version of their older and more successful handsets.

Unconfirmed reports claim that Nokia is planning a comeback with a reboot or a successor of one of its coolest handsets with the best camera – Nokia N8. Reportedly Nokia started working on it and has almost developed the successor. Recently a user manual of a Nokia handset which is under development surfaced in some of the online forums. The Nokia handset is known as Nokia 803, also referred to by the number of its model – RM 807.

You might be wondering how it was concluded that Nokia 803 is a modified version of Nokia N8. It was just an assumption at first which later turned into an argument. The assumption was based on the image that surfaced. In the image, Nokia 803 has a big bulge on the back side and this bulge was the reason for the assumption turned argument that Nokia 803 is the successor of the popular Nokia N8. The User Manual doesn’t have any details which confirm the argument except for the fact that the new handset features NFC capability.

Apart from the NFC capability, Nokia 803 also features

  • HDMI out

  • DLNA

Everybody, who keeps assuming stuff about this Nokia handset, seems to be forgetting the fact that the user manual itself hasn’t been finalized and might probably be a document for some prototype model. Apparently there are rumours which are now more interesting with reports stating that Nokia 803 camera will feature Optical zoom and a larger sensor than the one in Nokia N8. Their unconfirmed statements also claim that the display of Nokia 803 will be of 3.5 inches long with WVGA resolution and also Gorilla glass protection.

Rumours about the performance would really make us wish that Nokia 803 really comes packed with 1 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM, as claimed by the rumours. You might be expecting that with all these specifications, keeping in mind that these are unconfirmed, Nokia 803 will be running in a cool operating system like Windows. But there are rumours about the OS of the handset too, stating that Nokia 803 will be running in Symbian OS, based on the fact that Windows can’t support the awesome camera features and implementations of 803, not to mention the large sensor. Let’s wait and see if there is a handset called Nokia 803 which would be released and let’s see if it can impress us.

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