First review of Blackberry Milan SmartPhone

Posted By: Rahul

First review of Blackberry Milan SmartPhone

BlackBerry mobiles feature their own operating system and everyone knows this fact. The company has been bringing about lot of changes in their current operating system and a new and improved version of it was launched earlier this year. This operating system is made to work on both tablets as well as smart phones alike.

The new platform is termed as BlackBerry 10 which was earlier called BBX. This operating system is filled with features which includes BlackBerry mobile networking services, cloud services and so on. Till now no devices are launched featuring this OS. One notable feature in the operating system is that the developers do not have to register nor pay any fees to develop applications for this new OS .This will lead to the availability of a lot of third party applications.

Blackberry Milan which is set to be launched next year will be one of the devices that will come with this new operating system. This will be the second device on the list to come out with this OS since leaks indicate that BlackBerry London will be rolled out at first and it will have the same operating system.

Features of BlackBerry Milan:

  • Slider design

  • QWERTY Keypad

  • Big display

  • High pixel density and hence higher display quality

The leaked images of the BlackBerry Milan shows a phone made in slider form factor The QWERTY keypad is kept in portrait orientation and it slides under the screen. The device features a completely new design when compared to the companies conventional styling concepts .The phone has sharp corners which is very unlikely in a BlackBerry mobile which usually has curved edges.

The display seems to be large and of sufficient quality. The screen is said to be very bright and will have an aspect ratio superior to most of the smart phones out there in the market. There are also rumors that the pixel density in the phone will be much greater than the pixel density in the retina display of the new generation iphones .This is not at all a backed up piece of information but if that is true then the phone will be able to produce some amazing image clarity.

It is said that RIM is already working on 5 other models that is said to feature this new operating system. All this devices are expected to be rolled out next year. Pricing is yet to be unveiled for this 2012 launch phone.

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