Five ways through which your smartphone can be hacked

Posted By: Rahul

Five ways through which your smartphone can be hacked

Hacking is the buzzword today. Be it computer hacking, internet hacking or even mobile phone hacking, hackers are on the prowl always. A recent study has found out that smartphone hacking is slowly beginning to take shape & is expected to destroy a lot of smartphones & compromise confidential user data.

To combat smartphone hacking, one needs to know the ways in which smartphones can be hacked so that appropriate steps can be taken to prevent hacking. We provide a list of methods which hackers commonly use to gain unauthorized access.

  • E-Mail hacking: This method is the most common smartphone invading mechanism. E-Mail hacking is most preferred by hackers. Even when you use your phones to send/receive e-mails, you are under constant threat. Thus, you need to take appropriate steps & check all your e-mail activity on a regular basis.

  • Social Networking: The social networking attack is also used by hackers to destabilize phones. When you use the social networking apps that your phone provides, hackers always can attack through these apps. One best example for this is the attack which was carried out by Anonymous in recent times. So, be careful & use proper anti-virus applications in your smartphones.

  • Through mobile app downloads: The app downloads can be exploited by hackers to steal your confidential data. Some apps which ask you for confidential data provides the best opportunity for hackers to attack.

  • Wi-Fi: Use proper safety mechanisms in your Wi-Fi networks. If not, there is always a high probability of privacy invasion.

  • Text message attacks: When you receive anonymous text messages, always be careful & don't open these messages. They might pose a potential threat to your smartphone. These messages might contain viruses that can steal your confidential data at the same time can stop your smartphone/smartphones from working correctly.

Thus, always be on the guard. Otherwise you might just end-up losing something precious.

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