FreeKall Lets You Make Calls For Free, But You Will Have To Listen To Ads

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Making calls over the internet connection might sound expensive for many sometime soon as a Bangalore-based start-up FreeKall has brought a latest means to offer free calls to those users using a basic feature phones. Unlike the apps like Hangouts, Skype, Viber and others which offer free voice calls via internet data on the device, the FreeKall will let the feature phone users to call free.

FreeKall Lets You Make Calls For Free From Your Feature Phone

Now you might wonder, how this could be free? But leverage is certainly there but not as expensive as money itself.

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In fact, the idea is pretty simple and easy for anyone to understand. To make a FreeKall, all you have to do is dial 080-67683693, which connects you to the cloud-powered service. The call is disconnected after just one ring. And then, the system calls back the user prompting him to enter the number to which he wants to make a call. The system then connects the call.

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This is where the trick begins - instead of hearing a ringing tone on the call, the user hears an advertisement. But the Ads won't be there just in the beginning of the call but also in between the call, precisely after every two minutes, caller and receiver will hear the Ad while the call will be paused and it will resume once the Ad is over.

For now, unregistered users can make calls up to 3 minutes and registered users can make calls up to 12minutes. The FreeKall team hopes to better the infrastructure and achieve more users and also is quite excited to make unlimited calls for any number of minutes as long as they are willing to hear ads for every two minutes.

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