Fujitsu ES IS12F–a thin, sleek mobile phone

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Fujitsu ES IS12F–a thin, sleek mobile phone

While most of the technological companies always face stiff competition from their competitors, they should first understand the fact that the companies should never compromise on the quality of the products while on the run to find a place on the particular market segment. Quality of the products is one of the prime factors that the companies should always take care of in order to attain the desired customer satisfaction.

Fujitsu Arrow ES IS12F smartphone is considered to be a very attractive and beautiful smartphone. The fact is that Fujitsu was on the run for making the phone so thin and attractive that they actually forgot to make it more compatible from the specifications point of view.

The smartphone absolutely is a nice and a good smartphone. The only drawback is that aside from its thin body panel, the device just comes with common features as any other smartphone.

Fujitsu marketing company claims that its Fujitsu Arrow ES IS12F is just approximately 6.7 mm thick and also 8.5 mm thick at the top. The device can be considered as extremely lighter and portable at 103 grams. Another remarkable feature of the device includes its water-resistant feature which prevents the device from any kind of damage from water.

Other features expected in Fujitsu Arrow ES IS12F smartphone include the presence of a single core 1.4 GHz snapdragon processor that is capable of providing improved performance. The smartphone is also expected to come with a display resolution of 480 x 800 pixels of AMOLED screen. As far as the camera specifications are concerned, the device is expected to feature 5 mega pixels of rear camera with no front facing camera. The smartphone is expected to arrive with Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system which is considered to be one of the most popular operating systems.

The smartphone is expected to be launched in Japan tomorrow. There are already several online retailers that are currently providing the unlocked versions of the smartphone if the user is really interested in importing the phone.

The Fujitsu Arrow ES IS12F is expected to have a whopping price tag. But taking in to consideration the fact that there are several other thinner phones that are available on the international market at far affordable prices, it doesn’t seems to be a fair deal in paying the price of super phones for a thinner and attractive phone that comes with last generation specifications.

Fujitsu is considered to be one of the brand names in the consumer electronics industry especially in the manufacture of high quality computers as well as smartphones. It’s not just the looks of the smartphone that makes it more attractive, the specifications of the smartphones also play a major role in the success of the products. It is time that Fujitsu should go ahead in making its new Fujitsu Arrow ES IS12F more affordable as far as the price tag is concerned.

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