Fujitsu is set to announce a quad core smart phone

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Fujitsu is set to announce a quad core smart phone

The tech world has been eagerly waiting for the Consumer Electronics Show for the past few months. Lot of new Smartphones will be launched in the venue by top manufactures and also by novices.

Fujitsu is also going to show case their latest handset during the event. Fujitsu mainly concentrates on the Asian market and has launched quite a handful of amazing models in the Asian marketing sector. Fujitsu is the second largest mobile phone producer in Japan and they have set few benchmarks over the year. The world’s first Windows phone was launched by the company. Also they have launched one of the world’s thinnest smart phone measuring around 0.26 inches only.

The most notable fact about the phone that they are going to launch is that it is going to be powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor. This should be one of the very first phones to be powered by this amazing chip. For those individuals for whom NVIDIA Tegra 3 name does not ring any bells, it is actually a Quadra-core processor. That is, you get the power of 4 individual processors in the same size as that of a normal processor. So what can it do?

The processing power will obviously be much greater than the normal smart phones in the market and also it will be able to execute instructions 4 times faster than a single core processor. In reality there are five cores and the fifth core is used for doing tasks that can be executed in lower power consumption states. That is while your phone is in standby or while you are playing music, only the final core will be responsible for it. It runs at a different clock speed than the other and is based on ARM cortex-A9 architecture.

Not many details about the hardware specifications of Fujitsu quad core smart phone or its features are known. One thing that is being speculated is that the phone will have Ice cream sandwich or Android 4.0 operating system. Wait for a few days and more details and specifications of the phone will be released. One very important fact that the gadget world is waiting for to be announced is its price tag. If the phone is moderately priced it will pose some serious competition for other dual core and single core phones in the market.

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