Future Apple iPhone to have Retina Display

Posted By: Rahul

Future Apple iPhone to have Retina Display

Apple iPhone is all set to come with the Retina Display. Apple had the Retina Display in it's new iPad. With this technology, all top smartphones can be expected to be released with Retina Display.

A South Korean media says that Apple is planning to incorporate the famous Retina Display in iPhones that it manufactures henceforth.

The iPhone was first introduced by Apple in the year 2007. Since then, this gadget has changed the fortunes of Apple for the better. With the Retina display which is expected to be of a 4.6 inch dimension, people will enjoy using the gadget even more.

This news is sure to lead to competition in the smartphone market. Competition has already begun even without the Retina Display incorporated iPhone being released. Samsung uses a 4.6 inch OLED Display on its Galaxy S3. Now various other manufacturers are also gearing up to incorporate this technology in their respective products.

Retina Display makes use of illuminating pixels over an area. These pixel units are more in number over that area when compared to other display types. Through this, the strain on the human eye is considerably reduced. Thus, users of the iPhone can enjoy their experience to the maximum.

Since people are rushing in to buy the new iPads due to it's Retina Display factor, we can also expect the same trend to be witnessed when the new set of iPhones are released.

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