Future iPhones Might Come With Disappearing Buttons

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What amazing features will the next iPhone posses? There have been plenty of talks about the potential features of Apple's upcoming devices, iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6, the most recent is the disappearing button.

Future iPhones Might Come With Disappearing Buttons

Apple has apparently received a patent dubbed "Disappearing button or slider", meaning the next iPhone might come with buttons and controls which disappear into the background, when they are not in use and will re-appear when required. The Invisible Button/control is said to use the same material as the casing of the device and comes with tiny holes, which illuminate to reveal the button.

The backlight gets activated upon sensing heat, sound or motion of fingers, along the surface. Also, it is said that the controls could change appearances based on the app.

Further more, there is news that the patented technology would work not only on smartphones but also on laptops and gaming consoles.

iPhone 5S is expected to be released this year, while the iPhone 6 should be released in the next. The question is, when are we going to see the introduction of Apple's new patented feature.

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