LG-KS20: An Alternative to 'iPhone'

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  The new sensation in mobile phones is of course the Apple iPhone. But unfortunately iPhone is not available in many parts of the globe. Consoling the unfortunates, electronics manufacturing giant LG has launched an alternative to iPhone named LG-KS20. LG KS20 is a very stylish and nice to use phone, that may appeal to people, who like to have phones that give them a feeling of having something that is high class. LG KS20 is probably the most stylish Windows Mobile phone currently on the market.

If you want a phone running on Windows Mobile 6, then the LG-KS20 is a the best option for you. The LG-KS20 has the same form factor as the iPhone. In fact that the iPhone concept was first introduced by LG only through the model . The KS20 is LG's brand-new HSDPA smart-phone with a large color touchscreen. Its super-fast network access capabilities and intuitive touch input technology combine to enrich the mobile internet experience for users, and further demonstrate LG's commitment to lead 3G mobile technology. KS20 features high speed internet technology. It has full internet browsing capabilities, and downloads everything from music and video clips to push e-mail at speed of 3.6 Mbps through HSDPA.

It also allows for advanced features like videoconferencing, taking advantage of the phone's dual cameras. The KS20"s minimalist concept will appeal to those who admire a phone for its design as much as its features. The phone uses an intuitive touch input technology and large LCD screen to maximize its internet usability. The handset is powered by Microsoft"s Windows Mobile 6 software.

One thing that you would like on the LG-KS20 is that it is HSDPA capable. iPhone is running 3Gnex year but HSDPA is much more better than 3G. HSDPA will allow you to have download speeds of about 3.6MBps on your LG-KS20, of course, HSDPA is all network dependent. LG-KS20 will have the capability of running third party applications without the need of a web browser. You can edit MS Office documents on the go using the built in applications such as word mobile, excel mobile, and PowerPoint viewer. The LG-KS20 also has Bluetooth A2DP profile which will allow you to listen to music using stereo Bluetooth headset.

The 2.8 inch screen in KS20 is a bit smaller than iPhone. The color screen supports 18 bit of colors in high resolution. The processor on the LG-KS20 is a 400MHz Qualcomm processor and the phone comes with 128MB RAM.

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