Samsung F210 : The Cellphone Music Player

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Samsung F210 : The Cellphone Music Player
The slim line of Samsung mobile phones just unveiled the newest member of its clan; the SGH-F210. Samsung's SGH-F210 updates an earlier model Samsung Blush, with a similar approach of combining mobile phone and music player. This is an altogether better attempt at the idea, but it is still fundamentally flawed. Its tall and slim design makes it really stand out, even among fashion phones, and means that it looks more like a music player than a normal mobile.

The F210 is aimed at fashion lovers and comes with a tall and thin design. To open the phone, you push the top half of t fashion lovers he handset to the left, the screen then automatically swivels into place and reveals the keypad hiding beneath. The keypad is small, but the keys are reasonably well spaced so messaging is not too much of a problem.

Samsung isn't just aiming this phone at fashion victims but it is also gunning for music lovers too. As a result it has a rather large 1GB helping of memory for storing your tunes. Unlike the Blush, this can be further bulked up using microSD cards that slot in under the battery cover. The phone will accept cards up to 2GB in size, giving you a total storage space of 3GB.
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On the plus side this mobile phone is tiny and lightweight. Its 72g is pretty much negligible in a pocket, while its 87.7 x 31mm are far too tiny to suggest that this is a mobile phone. The 20.5mm of thickness is a bit of a shock when stood against those other dimensions, but there is a reason.

It seems that Samsung is trying to capitalize on the growing mobile music industry by adding features to the F210 that appeals to the hip and chic music lovers. Just below the display screen, a metallic dial pad is installed which acts as the navigational key of the mobile phone that allows the user to scroll available menus with ease. This spinning design device comes in pink or black color variants and has smooth edges with evidence of quality manufacturing. The tri-band MP3 player look alike has a rotating front panel which when opened reveals the mobile phone"s large keypad.

The F210"s keypad has dedicated buttons for the camera, delete, call, end, and two configurable soft menu keys. One very important feature of the F210 is the ease of operating the seemingly complex device which gives it appeal for those who are looking for style and elegance, combined with incredible music playing capabilities.

Samsung SGH-F210 has an exceptionally long battery life with approximately 265 hours of standby, about 200 minutes of talk time and a little over 9 hours of continuous music play. The compact phone has a two mega pixel camera that has 352 x 288 pixels and CIF video capabilities. Pictures, videos and messages can be displayed on the 1.46 inch 262,000 colors TFT LCD screen display which has a resolution of 128 x 220 pixels.

The F210 supports MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+ and eAAC+ music formats which can be played back with 3D sound effect for superior quality. F210, it is equipped with an application that can identify a song. Transition from music mode to phone mode shifts the display from landscape to portrait mode.

Other big features of this small package includes an FM radio with RDS, Stereo Bluetooth with A2DP, Java games and applications, T9, World clock, Universal converter, alarm, stopwatch and calendar. The application software Samsung PC Studio 3.2 which is bundled with the sales package allows the user to transfer files from the personal computer to the F210 via USB connection.

There is no doubt that the Samsung SGH-F210 has succeeded in fusing together the music player and the mobile phone. Both the music mode and mobile mode work incredibly well for its size. Undoubtedly though, this mobile phone will be on the wish list of many music lovers that look for a high quality combination music player and mobile phone that exudes style, elegance, unique design and distinctive appeal.

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