Galaxy S4 Explosion: Burns Down An Apartment In Hong Kong

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Reports are coming in about a Galaxy S4 allegedly burning down a house in Hong Kong. Apparently a Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded, to spark up a flame that consumed an apartment.

Galaxy S4 Explosion: Burns Down An Apartment In Hong Kong

A couple in Hong Kong finished having their dinner and Shan Tseng Tau, the husband decides to go and sit on a couch in the living room, while his wife is washing the dishes. Shan begins to play a game called Love Machine, on his Galaxy S4 while it is plugged on and still charging. All of sudden, the device explodes in the man's hands. Overwhelmed by the explosion, Shan instinctively throws it on the sofa. A fireball from the exploded device lights the sofa in flames and within no time the fire spreads consuming the apartment. The couple managed to escape form their apartment unharmed, but Shan suffers from minor burns to his hand and his couple's home is reduced to rubble and ashes.

According to investigators there was no evidence of foul play and Samsung has responded saying it will personally be looking into the issue. Reportedly, the company is investigating on whether the phone and the charger were original products or did they come from a third-party manufacturer.

Source: xianguo, theregister

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