Gfive Launches 4 New Multimedia Phones

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Gfive Launches 4 New Multimedia Phones
GFive coming up with four dashing handsets on dual SIM platform

GFive, one among the top mobile players in the global mobile industry today has made announcements on the launch of four latest handsets into the Indian market. The specialty is that all the handsets are build to support two SIMs of different or the same service providers simultaneously.

The four dual SIM handsets are named accordingly; GFive G115, GFive G 116, GFive G 233 and GFive G 505. Out of these four, two are purely entry level dual SIM handsets which are basic models and the other two are multimedia facilities incorporated handsets. The information on the basic entry level handsets GFive G115 and GFive G 116 are minimal as the company has yet to detail on that. The only information available for the time being is that GFive G115 comes with 4.5 cm that is 1.8 inches display. The handset will also feature a camera with digital zoom along with short range wireless connectivity system to leverage the users’ connectivity facilities. Other features are FM radio with loud speaker and dual torch. In the case of memory storage the handset has support to 4GB external memory. GFive 116 is also some what similar to the previous handset. One of the additional benefits in GFive 116 is that it has 3.5 mm universal audio jack facility and media player facility. The battery of the handset is outstanding as it ensures long life for the mobile phone and the handset also support external memory up to 16 GB.

As told earlier the other two dual SIM models are multimedia handsets. GFive G 233 comes along with a wider display compared to the other two handsets. The display is of 2.2 inches. Another specialty is the multi language keypad that is it the key pad includes Hindi also so that the user can type text in Hindi too. Moreover there are all multimedia entertainment facilities such as the audio player, video player, FM radio and also the camera with VGA video recording facility. Options for data transferring are available along with elegant battery back up and memory storage up to 8 GB. The battery is standard 1000 mAh battery for high performance. Last but not the least is the fourth handset announced by GFive, which is the GFive G 505 which has a free 2 GB card available with it. The most unique feature in the handset is that it has three additional speakers for high sound clarity. It also has features such as media player and short range connectivity options. Along with all the basic features and special features GFive F 505 is an excellent handset.

Regarding the price in India of the four dual SIM models, GFive G115 has a price in India tag of only Rs. 1,429 in India and the price of GFive G 116 is Rs. 2,459. The two other multimedia handsets are priced at Rs. 2,169 for GFive G 233 and GFive G 505 is available at a price in India of only Rs. 2,459 in India.

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