GizBot Guide: 10 Things You Need To Do After Buying A New Android Smartphones

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Nowadays, Android is slowly inching towards the total market dominance as more and more people are switching to it. Android is preferred almost everywhere, because of its easy to interface, lots of free apps and more over cheap Android smartphones are available in the market, where most of them can avail. If you've just purchased your Android phone, read on as we have some handy tips for you.

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Set Up Automatic Updates


Always check in the auto update option. It will not only save your time but, also keeps a track over the latest updates and new releases. In case you haven't checked in the auto updates before, here is how you can do it
1.Go to Google Play App
2.Go to menu button
3.Go to Settings
4. Click the box for "Auto-update apps." and select the "Update over Wi-Fi only" if you dont prefer data connection.

Turn On the Gesture keyboard

Gesture Keyboard

If you are using Android smartphone, and unaware of Gesture keyboard, then you are missing out something big! These keyboards gives you smart, fast typing on Android. It also helps you with next word prediction, autocorrect. Swiftkey and Swype are two of the best gesture keyboards apps available in Google play store

Google Now

Voice command

Google Now is the virtual assistant available in Android, like Siri for Apple and Cortana for Microsoft. To access Goolge Now -open Google Search app -Hit settings-swicth on Google Now. Just say "OK Google" when you're on your home screen to trigger voice input. Then say your search query and get your problem solved in a mere second.

Google Chrome


Try using internet via Google Chrome app. Nowadays most of the smartphones comes pre-installed with Chrome. It has features like Sync Across Devices, save your data by 50%, voice search, Translate, fast browsing. And if you want to browse without getting your history saved? Use it in Incognito Mode!

Save your Maps Offline


What if you get lost, without an internet connection? There is a ready solution for it. To get offline maps hit Maps,
Go to menu -
Select "Make available offline".
Now, just zoom in on the area you want under navigation and finally, select "Done"
It has detailed information on more than 100 million places, along with Live traffic conditions, incident reports, and automatic rerouting to find the best route

Remote Desktop App

Wireless desktop

With this app you can remotely access your computer from your Android devices. On your PC download Chrome Remote Desktop app from Chrome Web Store, while in your Android device download this app from play store. Now you can access your PC and Vice versa

Download Find My Phone App

Google Manager

What if your phone gets lost unfortunately ? Here is an app to find your device ! This app lets you find the location of a missing phone, the app's navigational assistance can guide you to it, making lost phone retrieval quick and easy. Some tracking apps like Android Lost and Cerberus has a feature like "return phone" message, set a lock screen code and "locate phone on map".

Auto Back Up Photos

Cloud photos

Nothing is worse than, losing your photos. To prevent this from happening, here is an option in Android that lets you auto back-up pictures in your Google+ account.
Just install the G+ app -
Go to settings
Tap "Instant Upload."
Set the storage size to Standard which will allow you to back up unlimited photos.


Smart Icons

Spruce up your empty home screen by dropping some nice widgets onto it. By using widgets on your desktop the most needed information will be right on the screen. You can add widgets by going to the main app launcher, then swiping over to the widgets section.



Android, despite being Linux-based, is quite prone to malware and viruses. So make sure you have installed best antivirus on your smartphone. Some of the best antivirus softwares are Avast, AVG, Mcafee

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