Google Accidentally Leaks Mysterious Smartphone: Could It be Nexus 6?

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With Google's I/O conference just around the corner, the internet is flooded with new juicy rumors surrounding upcoming Android devices. While the Nexus 8 is no more a mystery, now an unbranded smartphone has been leaked ahead of Google's I/O 2014 developer conference.

The Android Twitter account has posted an image that indirectly promotes Google Now. And it looks like Google may have teased a new unknown smartphone, ahead of the company's annual developer conference. Incidentally, the phone lacks any branding, making it even more mysterious.

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Google Accidentally Leaks Mysterious Smartphone: Could It be Nexus 6?

The phone looks ultimate in nature. In fact one can find similarities with the Nexus 5. It's a simple yet elegant looking handset. The thin side bezels reminds of the newly launched LG G3. However, it's not a Nexus 5, not even one of the existing Motorola phones. Based on current rumors, there are three possible options, though there may be more as clues emerge.

If rumors are to be believed, this mysterious device could be the long speculated LG-made Nexus 6 or the Motorola Moto X+1. Well, this could also be a phone under Android Silver range - the new range of premium handsets coming our way in 2015. The first smartphone under Android Silver series will be manufactured by LG. There have been reports that the Nexus program will be replaced by Android Silver.

Again, at this point, it would be rather tough to confirm whether this is the Nexus 6, Motorola Moto X+1 or an Android Silver phone. Watch this space for more action!

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