Google-Based Project Ara Arriving in January 2015, Says Reports

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Are you aware of all the reports flooding the web related to the new Project Ara modular smartphones that are set to arrive from Google? If so then you will also be interested to know that the technology might arrive sooner than you think.

According to reports, Project Ara, Google's modular smartphone project, is expected to be available for purchase early next year. Moreover, the device is said to be made available for $50 (which is somewhere around Rs. 3,000) and will be coming in plain grey.

Google-Based Project Ara Arriving in January 2015, Says Reports

Leaving a whole lot of possibilities related to customizing the phone in the hands of users, it makes sense when reports claim that the initial part of it will come for cheap and in a grey color.

All these information related to the phone was revealed via Ara leader Paul Eremenko revealing the details at the first Ara developer's conference on Tuesday.

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Eremenko told an audience of around 200 people at the Computer History Museum that interested customers won't have to wait long for their first shot at the Project Ara phone with the device now scheduled to go on sale in January 2015 for around $50.

Project Ara, as noted by CNET, "is not intended to be just another smartphone, he said, but as customizable and expressive of the user's personality as apps and software."

"Project Ara is the first step toward Google's vision of a future where smartphone hardware components can be bought from an app store like Google Play. But Ara is important to other areas of future-forward tech, including its reliance on miniaturized components and 3D printing," the report adds.

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Apart from that, Eremenko also talked about how even though Project Ara supports Android, Android, as yet, does not support the drivers required for modular hardware. However, he also added that because Google owned the project, that problem should be solved soon enough.

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