Google I/O 2013: Day 1 Ended With Launch of Nexus Flavored Samsung Galaxy S4 And More

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The first day of Google I/O 2013 was initially conceived to highlight streamlining its core products. The software giant has shown its focus on making its products more refined, user-friendly, and stick to its roots. Many were disappointed to see no new Nexus device or an improved version of Nexus 7. Rather than announcing a new device from its trusted OEM partners, the team behind Gmail announced Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus edition. The unlocked devices certainly got commendable appreciation from developer community. It will cost $ 649 in the US (can be purchased via Google Play Store), starting June 26. The device houses stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and supports 4G LTE connectivity.

There were rumors of subscription based music service from Google, and on the day first-Google announces Google Play Music. It can be streamed on Android devices, and one has to pay $9.99 on a monthly basis. With this move, the software giant is surely set to march ahead in number of subscribers. Apple is rumored to announce similar packaged services dubbed iRadio this summer.

Another terrific service -Google Play Game service grabbed much attention. The service is set to be synced to Google +, and its Google's take on GameCenter and Xbox Live. It also features achievements, and online multiplayer like options.

The tech giant also bring it's not so profound voice search on the desktop. Google +, an arch rival to Facebook, get due interface change. Google has also announced separate Hangouts app for iOS and Android. Google Maps, another hot shot property got a new update.

Google I/O 2013 Day 1: All That You Need to Know

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Have a look at the detailed look at what Google announced on the Day 1 at Google I/0 2013:-

The developers' meet started with a huge update ---Android, is doing well. Everyone knows about it. So far, more than 900 million devices are running Android mobile OS. Around 48 billion apps have been downloaded from Google Play Store. The other day, Apple celebrated its 50 billionth app download. Crazy isn't it? The tech firm also informs 2.5 billion apps are installed every month. That's huge.

Google Play games service

A new API was released to woo game developers. Naturally, Apple hasn't succeeded with its GameCenter , while Microsoft still has a strong hold on Xbox Live service. The Google Play game service will allow gamers to save their progress in cloud. Thus, one can play games anywhere or from any device, as per our wish. Later the progress can be shared to Google +.

Google Play Music

Strategically, Google Play Music: a music streaming service has been brought to take on Spotify and Apple's upcoming iRadio. Now music streaming business is growing rapidly, and it is the right time to announce something big like this. Subscribers have to pay $9.99 a month to use this service. Users can also opt for $7.99 plan if you subscribe it by June 30. It works like any streaming service offered these days.

Google Play for Education

Google is quietly doing many things, as far promoting affordable technology is concerned. From Chromebooks to Android tablets, one can expect plenty of juice in this sector. To step further Google announces a separate educational app store. The apps will be aimed at different age groups.

Google +, Search and Photo enhancements

The social networking feature gets 41 new features. Now it looks very similar to Pinterest with tiles like UI. Google Hangouts was once upon a time a integrated feature embedded into Google +, has now been rolled out as an app. The Hangouts app will hit iOS, Android, and web. The web search company also focused its energies on Photo enhancement thing -sharing included. Google search is now more simplified.

Google Maps

Maps, an important property of Google, are getting a major update. The next version of Google Maps has been announced for iOS and Andorid. A separate iPad app for the same gets previewed, coming this summer. Google Maps for Desktop also gets a new UI, cleaner look, and live 3D, amongst others.

Samsung Galaxy 4 Nexus edition

Google has announced that the attendees were given free Google Chromebook Pixel. Sorry folks, no new Nexus device were announced on the day 1 at Google I/0 2013. Still, the software giant managed to grab headlines with the announcement of special edition Galaxy S4 .It has all the fancies of being a true Nexus device. Like Nexus device, this very edition would get updates from Google on a regular basis. It will be sold unlocked with stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Asking price - $649 ( via Google Play Store).

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