Google IO 2014 Happening in June: 5 Major Rumors To Keep in Mind

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We are back in that time of the year when the massively anticipated Google IO comes around the block with promises of major releases and upgrades. This year, as well, same things are expected with more focus on the kind of software or hardware that are expected to arrive.

Google is already expected to reveal more of its plans that are currently future-oriented, and more so after the company went on to acquire several companies in the last 12 months, while unveiling just as many new products.

Google IO 2014 Happening in June: 5 Major Rumors To Keep in Mind

And while we have no idea what exactly will happen at the conference, as always, the hopes are high about seeing futuristic robot dudes walking everywhere, technology of tomorrow homes and more.

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But then, these are not the ones the rumors related to this year's IO have been talking about. So what are the most wildest rumors to have arrived for the IO, and what can we expect to see at the event? Let's take a look at the top 5.

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Google Watch

While we are not sure about what's coming around, rumors have claimed that Smartwatches powered by Google's Android Wear platform are expected to be featured at the conference.

In fact, both the square-shaped LG G Watch and a more circular Mototola Moto 360 are expected to make an appearance at this year's IO event. And for the sake of comparison, the rumored Apple iWatch is said to focus on fitness capabilities, so it is only expected that Google's own offering will arrive with similar activity tracking features too.

Android 5.0

We are currently living in the KitKat generation of Android. However, that hasn't stopped anyone from guessing what the future of the platform will be like. And thus the focus on Android version 5.0 -- the next big kid in the block.

As of now, it is still not known as to what the company will decide on calling the new platform. But whatever it is, it has to start with the letter "L".

Improvements to Chromecast

Although Google has already made quite a business selling Chromecast dongles, the next generation of Chromecast dongles are expected to be highlighted at this year's IO. New changes, however, are still unknown.

Information on Project Ara

Project Ara, which can be easily be tagged as the LEGO of smartphones, is the next modular dream from Google that has gained a lot of traction in the recent months.

While a new phone with upgradable parts seems like a thing of the future, more information on this is surely expected to arrive at the IO.

Nexus 10 Update

A new Nexus tablet is expected to be announced (if not released) at this year's IO. While reports have claimed that the new tablet will arrive from either Asus or LG.

As of now, Asus may already be making a Nexus 8 tab to replace its popular Nexus 7 later this year.

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