Google-Motorola X Phone Coming with Bendable Display to Combat Apple and Samsung

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As the demand for smartphones is ever growing, tech companies that were holding back have started trying to grab a significant portion of the lucrative market.
Google, the search engine giant is reportedly working with recently acquired manufacturer, Motorola on a handset bearing the codename X-phone, which is aimed to take over its rivals Apple and Samsung among others.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report citing sources, Motorola is currently only focussed on two fronts, building phone under Droid line-up for US telco Verizon Wireless and the project 'X'. The report suggests that Google along with Motorola will be launching X Phone and a tablet in 2013.

However, only scarce details about the device is known so far, but the plan seems to be that the device will be a Google device and that it will be quite different from the ones that Motorola has offered in its RAZR lineup of products.

Google-Motorola X Phone Coming with Bendable Display to Combat Rivals

The report also claims that the project aims to provide a smartphone that will offer high-quality camera and great photo software, something that has been absent in Nexus devices. The companies also seem to be considering bendable displays and ceramic materials for the smartphone, but they have run into hurdles associated with manufacturing and supply-chain management.

It is also rumored that Viewdle - the image and gesture recognition software, which Motorola acquired in October will also be used into X Phone.

As mentioned above, with more powerful camera features, the companies can draw more consumers from Apple and embrace Android by running on the latest version of Android operating system.

If these rumors are to be believed, X Phone could be the next flagship smartphone of Google following LG Nexus 4 in 2012. May be Google might use Motorola to create a new Nexus device in the future. So far, Google has not worked with Motorola to create a Nexus smartphone and since Samsung, HTC, and LG have all had a shot, it only makes sense that Motorola would be next. Hence, it makes sense to expect a Nexus smartphone from Motorola in the next year.

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