Motorola X Phone: Alleged Image and Specs of Next Nexus Smartphone Leak Ahead of Galaxy S4 Launch

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Google's Android operating system is used by several manufacturers including market leader Samsung. Motorola is one of the global handset vendors, who is sitting at the other end making few models based on the platform. Owned by Google, the company has not made any Nexus smartphones so far, however, this situation is all set to change soon.

It seems like Google has finally awakened and will involve its subsidiary to enter the smartphone marathon this year by launching a Nexus smartphone made by Motorola. Well, Motorola X Phone, which has been long rumored to be designed under the supervision of Google could be the one.

According to a report by AndroidWorld, the Dutch website has managed to get their hands on what is claimed to be first image of Motorola X Phone. The blurry, leaked snap that accompanied the specs refers to the handset as the Motorola NXT, with an emphasis on the X, but does not give too much information in terms of design.

The report has also leaked the specs of the upcoming smartphone, claiming that it might come with a 4.7 inch Full HD 1080p display, 2.3GHz NVIDIA Tegra 4i quad core processor with LTE support, 2GB RAM, 16MP rear camera and 5MP front camera with support to Google Hangouts and Google Talk.

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Motorola X Phone: Alleged Image and Specs of Next Nexus Leak

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If the photo turns out to be authentic, the X Phone will not have a bezel-less display that some older speculation had predicted. Going by earlier reports, X Phone is speculated to run on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and have a 3,330 mAh battery. Further, it is also rumored that Google will unveil flagship model at its year's Google I/O, which might be held in June.

Motorola X Phone - Galaxy S4 Competitor?

Though the X Phone has been circulating in rumors since quite sometime, the handset has made its online appearance prior to the launch of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4's launch. Well, it might be a coincidence that the X Phone has made a sketchy appearance, a few days before Galaxy S4 gets official. This might trigger the question, 'Is Google making a move against Samsung?'

It seems like Google will hit Galaxy S4 in the coming weeks or months with more X Phone rumors primed to hit the web on a more regular basis. However, Google is not too amiable in India as it does not launch its Nexus devices in the country. While the tech enthusiasts are busy talking about Nexus 5's launch, Indian consumers are still awaiting the Nexus 4 made by LG.

On the other hand, Samsung is timely on releasing its devices in India expect for a few including Galaxy S3 Mini.

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