Google Nexus 5 Clues Found In Project Fi Video: Report

Google had rolled out its Nexus 5 way back in 2013 and the popular smartphone boasted of a quad core processor and a full HD display at a spectacular price of $350 (approx Rs. 22,284). Now speculations have risen, that the search giant is coming with the next version of its flagship device this year.

Google Nexus 5 In Pictures

Google Nexus 5 Clues Found In Project Fi Video: Report

Even as the Nexus 6 has been around in the market, its predecessor has been received better across the world. Given the good value for money the Nexus 5 offered, it makes sense to bring out a refreshed version of the popular smartphone.

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A report on Android Origin notes that the next version could possibly be called the Nexus 5 2015 and as earlier speculations hinted, Google could partner Huawei to produce it.

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Narrowing onto Huawei's partnership is possibly inferred by Google's Project Fi video released last week that showed off a device resembling a Nexus 5's front. Project Fi, which is the search giant's own mobile phone network in the US that switches between WiFi and cellular networks to curb data use and cut down on the phone bills, is only compatible with Nexus 6 phones.

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LG's part in the latest round of speculations is around making 2015 versions of a Nexus tablet and a phone. While there is no official word yet on the upcoming devices, there is a good chance of Huawei making the affordable versions of the new Nexus devices.

The mystery device, as shown in the video, also suggests that the next Nexus could possibly have Google Project Fi support.

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