Google Not Killing Off Nexus Series of Smartphones, Not Yet

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With rumors arriving for the Android Silver range of smartphones from Google, there have been talks about how the company will soon put an end to its popular Nexus series. However, it seems like we are long away from that as Google, apparently, has no plans to make such a move.

Google may or may not be bringing changes to the entire game with the massively rumored Silver line of phones. But it still does not plan anytime soon to axe the series that brought it so much business (and still is) in the last few years.

Google Not Killing Off Nexus Series of Smartphones, Not Yet

"Every time Google releases a new named and numbered version of Android, it also announces a new Nexus device, built by one of Google's top manufacturing partners like LG or Samsung," a Readwrite report states.

"Dave Burke, the head of Android engineering and the Nexus program at Google, says that the company plans to keep doing just that." Burke stated in an interview: "People just get excited by concepts and forget why we do things. We are still invested in Nexus."

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However, Burke was in no mood to talk about Android Silver. "Android Silver is not something that we are commenting on right now," he said. However, the prospect of Silver doesn't mean that Nexus will be taken off the radar.

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"People have been commenting about Nexus because there is something else and they think that means the end of Nexus. That is the totally wrong conclusion to make," Burke added.

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