Google's Project ARA Arriving in 2015? Top 5 Things You Need To Know

By Prarthito

    Unless you haven't heard about the massively rumored Google-based Project ARA, it's a kind of a modular phone that will enable users to change the components of the device with their own desired parts.

    Rumors related to the ARA arrived back in October 2013 when a YouTube video called Phonebloks showcased a concept for an entirely modular smartphone where the parts could be changed per users' wishes.

    Google's Project ARA Arriving in 2015? Top 5 Things You Need To Know

    Now in 2014, rumors are rampant related to the new device with more and more new leaks, rumors and speculations coming in the open and showing that the technology indeed exists. Although details haven't been arriving as one would expect.

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    So if you are new to the entire modular smartphone concept, you might as well want to look into all the rumors related to the device since this is all we know about the device.

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    Here are the top 5 things you should know about Project ARA.

    As revealed via a number of leaks and rumors, the ARA phone is basically an endoskeleton with nothing more than a motherboard fitted to it. Other aspects such as screen, processor or battery don't even fall into equation.

    Apparently, modules bought separately (or even as part of a kit) can then be easily attached to the body to create a complete phone. Users can later switch around these modules to fulfill their needs.

    While the phone's front part comprises of one major slot for installing the screen, the back is where all the important modules are placed for the device.

    Reports claim that the back part of the phone is divided down the middle with compartments made for the module slots. The modules are said to lock into these slots with the help of electro-permanent magnets. Once the magnet is turned on it will stay in that state without even needing electricity.

    As expected, since this is yet another Google-based phone, the device will arrive with the Android operating system. Although reports have also claimed the version of Android running on the device could be a stock Android.

    The one detail we all are looking for at the moment. The release date for the ARA smartphone is still to be announced. However, reports have claimed that the device could arrive as soon as next year.

    Again, details are less in this respect as well. However, reports are claiming that the device could arrive for as less as $50 (Rs. 2,926). And that does make some sense since all its other modules will anyway have to be bought separately.

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