Great news for music lovers as Nokia Lumia gets the Music Service App update

Posted By: Rahul

Great news for music lovers as Nokia Lumia gets the Music Service App update

Nokia is considered as a brand name in the consumer electronics industry especially in the manufacture of smartphones as well as mobile phones.

The latest news that is making headlines across the industry includes the recent update of Nokia’s music service which is especially meant for the Lumia range of devices.

The Lumia series that includes Nokia Lumia 710 as well as Nokia Lumia 800 handsets has the reputation of Nokia’s first step in to the Windows Phone domain that is expected to revolutionize the smartphone industry.

The recent update in the music service that is provided by Nokia includes the implementation of the personalization features that comes with the application.

Another significant updation includes the path breaking improvement in Nokia’s Gig finder functionality which allows the users to make use of the branded live music and also helps in comparing the price list as well as the tickets before it sells out.

Other updation includes the sharing of events with friends in the Facebook. One of the most important features of Gig finder is in its ability to understand user’s music interests so that it can provide the information regarding the events that is currently happening.

Another significant development includes the implementation of Mix Radio functionality that helps in personalizing the radio stations in order to enhance the users with greater user satisfaction. The fact is that the users are capable of entering mainly three artist names which enhances the applications to produce similar playlists of songs that suits that category.

A maximum of five radio stations can be saved in the respective app. It has the capability of identifying the type of music that the user is currently looking out for.

Another advantage of using this app includes the capability to analyze the music files on the device that has been attached with metadata.

The application comes with additional capabilities like working out with users favorite genres which enables the application for automatic generation of the user’s desired playlists of the respective tunes.

The updation of this new application in the music service of the Lumia series of Nokia will be made available to the users from next month onwards. Once the users purchase and activate their respective Lumia smartphone devices, the new app will be updated automatically.

This latest update of the Music Service App in the Lumia devices from Nokia is considered to be one of the most significant updates compared to the preinstalled version of Nokia Music App on the Lumia devices.

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