How To Cut Down Data Usage on Your Smartphone: 10 Simple Ways

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If you are on a vacation, then chances are that you consume a lot of data on your smartphone. That could be a bit challenging, especially when if you have an Android-powered smartphone.

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How To Cut Down Data Usage on Your Smartphone: 10 Simple Ways

Paying a hefty phone bill is definitely not a good idea. As 3G network become more popular in the country and unlimited data plans are still an expensive option, there's an apparent need to cut down data usage on your device.

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As a guide, we can help you out in reducing data charges on your smartphone. All you need to follow these following tips and tricks to avoid data overcharges.

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Find Free Wi-Fi

Of course, you can minimize your dependency on cellular data by connecting to free Wi-Fi hotspots whenever they're available. In places like New Delhi, for instance, a couple of network providers are already providing free Wi-Fi connectivity. So save your data usage when you are within range of your wireless connectivity at home, or near a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

Avoid YouTube uploads

Uploading videos on YouTube would eat up data allotment more quickly your might think. We recommend uploading videos to YouTube when are within range of your wireless connectivity at home.

Cut Back on Music Streaming

If listening to music on the go is so important, then probably you should download music on the device itself. So limit your dependence on music streaming services while commuting.

Avoid Video Chats

Another way to reduce your dependency on cellular date is to avoid video chats while on the go. Popular apps such as Google Hangouts and Skype can drain data. If you have an access to a Wi-Fi network at home or at work, use that instead of burning the cellular data.

Say No To Online Gaming while Commuting

Video games will remain an integral part of our inner circle. But don't forget that popular games are big data-sucker when played online.

Restrict Background Data For Hungry Apps

You may restrict background data use for data hungry app. All you need to go to Settings > Data usage. Then scroll down and find that data sucking app. Tap on it and scroll down - you will notice an option to restrict its background data.

Disable Data Manually

Simply, turn off your 3G/4G connection whenever you don't need it. You can do it yourself by going to Settings>Wireless & Networks>More>Mobile Networks>Data Connection.

Use a Data Monitor

Android mobile OS has a built-in data monitor. It can be accessed through Settings> Wireless & Networks>Data Usage and will basically show your data consumption usage.

Determine How Much Data You Need

You need to figure out how much data you consume on a monthly basis. If you're not using all of your data each month, move to a lower plan.

Use Offline Maps

Accessing maps online sucks up a lot of data, instead you can access offline maps on an Android-powered smartphone. Android users can download the updated Google Maps from the Play Store. Once you have the updated version, launch the app and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find an option to save Google Maps offline.



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