HP Stops WebOS Based Smartphones

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HP Stops WebOS Based Smartphones
HP, a company well respected for its innovative gadgets and software support is to make a move that might sound kind of disappointing. HP finally has decided to withdraw their service from tablets and other similar devices which are WebOS based. This means that HP is definitely planning to do something with their WebOS and yes they are! The news is already out that HP plans to license it to laptop manufacturers.

HP for now will be concentrating more on giving the software to their Personal Systems Group. But this will function separately and not as a HP monitored one. Thus it has made pretty sure that there won't be a HP Palm or HP Touchpad tablet to be found in the shops very soon.

It was last year when HP bought Palm and it was when the Director of the company Matias Duarte resigned and joined Google as director for Android User experience.

The WebOS was a major strength for HP and it had helped HP a lot in cementing its place in the market and re acquire its lost share in the market. The smart phone business of HP was backed heavily by the software. The devices were not available in plenty and that made the access to the software based gadgets difficult. The business in the segment was happening at real slow speed.

Now HP has much more refined plans. Now taking notes from the experts, HP's move to set revenue for their highly demanded software set the transactions at high speeds. The HP Palm will now concentrate on personal systems group other than the mobile devices and WebOS will play a vital role in its promotion.

The company anyway has plans to bring out smart phones with the software but it's not sure till when. The Touchpad tablet will be also given enough concern for now. With company planning to stop backing up other WebOS based phones, the launch of HP Palm Touchpad tablet and Palm Pre 3 isn't going to happen anywhere near in India nor does it seem likely to happen ever.

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