HTC HD2 Modified to Run Windows RT

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A device from 2009 may seem a bit outdated with the new devices in the market giving "The Next Big Thing" feel. With the latest OS out there in the markets, any device still running on Windows 6.5 may just seem well out of date.

The hot news of the day is that the long lost Windows mobile flagship device HTC HD2 was denied the new Windows 7 operating system for unknown reasons. But this did not stop the XDA hackers in anyway in porting every available OS onto the HD2.

Out-of-the-box thinking from a guy at Cotulla is the reason why HTC HD2 runs on Windows RT. Cotulla and the guys out in the company have a long track-record of doing extra-ordinary things and HD2 is certainly no exception. It has happened now and the company deserves a round of applause for its attempt.

HTC HD2 Modified to Run Windows RT

This innovation has left HD2 as the most hacked mobile devices at the moment. HTC has also contributed in opening the kernel and boot loader and has made the field open for the hackers to play. HD2 lived beyond the repeated porting from one OS to the other.

There are several screenshots of Windows RT running on HD2 posted by the Cotulla guy, including the desktop mode. When developers are free to do anything and everything, gems like this are sometimes the result.

HTC HD2 continues to survive and breathe for over three years in spite of all the tough times. There are hopes that the phone survives for a longer period in the market and be blessed to run in every possible OS out there creating records.


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