HTC One M8 Camera Review: Understanding the Power of UltraPixel

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HTC's growth chart in the Indian smartphone market hasn't really been something that's straight out a book called "Success." But hope is what keeps us hanging on to the slender thread of life, and HTC is not only hanging on to it, but trying to make the most out of it. The HTC One (M8) is a prime example of that.

The One (M8) is easily one of the most powerful devices in the market, apart from the fact that it's expected to make it big in the market with the year running down. Of course, there will be a bit of problem in the price tag of the device as not many customers will be willing to pay such a big amount of money for a smartphone.

HTC One M8 Camera Review: Understanding the Power of UltraPixel

But if we are to keep aside the price factor of the device for the moment, the HTC One (M8) easily features in the wishlists of a host of users looking to invest on a smartphone that will actually compliment the money that was invested on the smartphone in the first place.

One of the biggest strengths of the HTC One (M8) lies in its amazing camera offering. The HTC One (M8), as you may know already, sports an UltraPixel Duo camera at the back, with the primary camera having the same 4MP lens as the original HTC One. HTC also claims that it captures 300% more light compared to other phones.

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The second camera lens, which is also a part of the Duo camera setup of the One (M8), helps in detecting subject backgrounds and separate those backgrounds by scanning picture quality and depth. So, contrary to the popular belief this sensor doesn't click images.

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But what's so special about the camera and why is the entire blogosphere going absolutely nuts about the One (M8)'s camera offering? We take a closer look at a detailed camera review for the device.

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HTC One M8 Camera Review: Exactly How Good is an UltraPixel Camera?

While the previous age belonged to anything that came with a tag 'mega-pixel,' the next age surely belongs to the ones that will arrive with the UltraPixel tag. And the HTC One (M8) has already paved a path for the next generation. The pictures in broad daylight are more than reliable to say the least. See the image above to get the meaning.

HTC One M8 Camera Review: Low Light Photography

How many times have you come across a situation where you smartphone, no matter how good it is, goofs up once you start clicking photos with not much light on offer? With HTC One (M8), however, you wave all those days good bye. We were actually amazed at the quality that the camera showed while taking snaps in the low light situations.

HTC One M8 Camera Review: Low Light Photgraphy (Extended)

Here's another take on the low light offering where the image was snapped in pitch black darkness. We have seen a lot of success turning the light off. Light or no light, the HTC One (M8) takes the cake.

HTC One M8 Camera Review: Dual Camera

As expected, since most of the camera features are dedicated offerings, there's no reason to believe that the built-in dual camera will be any different. Here's what we made out of it technically. And riding on that technicality, we can saw it does the work expected off it.

HTC One M8 Camera Review: Macro

Most of us here are great photography buffs (me not included) and they keep telling me to play around with the macro settings on the HTC One (M8). Needless to say, we weren't left empty handed. To be more technical, the good f/2.0 lens of the One (M8) is capable of focusing at about 10cm distance, which meets the standard for a good mobile phone.

HTC One M8 Camera Review: Camera Under Lights

The HTC One (M8) scores well when photos are being snapped under lights in a room. The artificial lighting isn't as bright as it looks in the image. But then again, there's the One (M8) for you, ladies and gentleman.

HTC One M8 Camera Review: Front Facing Camera

We conducted a weird-ish experiment when we snapped an image (that's not necessarily a selfie) with the front facing snapper of the device. Believe it or not, the image quality was better than most rear primary camera-based smartphones in the market.

HTC One M8 Camera Review: Photos from Photos

This one didn't come out typically well since the top half of the image is obstructed by the light that's placed above the poster. But we hope that you get the general picture about where we are heading with this.

HTC One M8 Camera Review: 3D Effects

This one will be a fun feature if you have loved the previous AR mode in the new Sony Xperia devices. Just snap an image and move it sideways to see the 3D magic. Disclaimer: This only works in the HTC One (M8) and will not respond to anything not with the One (M8) tag.

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