HTC One M8 Prime Update: Premium Edition To Sport 5.5 Inch WQHD Display and Snapdragon 805

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Speculations and rumors about HTC's luxury version of the One (M8) have been growing as the expected launch date draws nearer. This week in particular saw several intriguing HTC One M8 Prime rumors emerge.

As of May 20, the latest from the rumor mill is that HTC's much anticipated Prime version could be waterproof, have an aluminium and liquid silicone casing and it will support category 6 LTE. The details come courtesy @evleaks, which has a fair record of leaking gadget information.

According to @evleaks, the HTC One M8 Prime will come with a 5.5-inch WQHD (2k resolution) display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM and CAT 6 LTE.

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HTC One M8 Prime Premium Edition To Sport 5.5 Inch WQHD Display

HTC One M8 Prime - A Challenger to the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime

Reports suggest a "Prime" version of the original HTC One (M8) would be made out of exotic material and feature LTE faster connectivity.

HTC One M8 Prime has been in and out of the rumors mills in the last couple of days. The company has just launched its much anticipated flagship handset, and we're hearing that HTC might come up with yet another premium phone to tackle Samsung's Galaxy S5 Prime, LG G3 and Sony's Xperia Z3.

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Apparently, the M8 Prime would be made "out of an exotic material, a composite of aluminum and liquid silicone", as stated by @evleaks. Looks like HTC is currently testing out a new casing material to make the phone standout from the crowd.

The serial leaker also suggests that the device is expected to support Cat 6 LTE. That simply means the M8 Prime will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset, which is the only mobile SoC with support for Cat 6 LTE.

Moreover, the M8 Prime would be waterproof, just like the Samsung Galaxy S5. Rumors have it that LG's upcoming G3 could be waterproof too.

The HTC One M8 Prime is supposedly coming as early as September this year, though we advise you to take this rumor as a pinch of salt. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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