HTC One X+ Joins One X, S, V: Gets Sony PlayStation Certidication

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HTC's PlayStation Mobile store officially merged with Sony devices to launch a new generation Android device nearly two months ago, a device compatible with the HTC One S, One V and One X. This is the first time Sony has ever certified a device outside its own product database.

The PlayStation Mobile store first launched as an exclusive on its much trusted Xperia Play, but the certification of the PlayStation got widened as Sony grabbed deals with HTC, Fujitsu and Sharp. HTC is focusing entirely on quality rather than the quantity. As a resultant, this new PlayStation certified device is expected to be working with that phenomenon.

HTC One X+ Joins One X, S, V: Gets Sony PlayStation Certidication

Now the company has strengthened its product base with the new HTC One X+ and two other HTC devices. However, the Mobile store has already obtained support for few new HTC devices which include the EVO 4G LTE, HTC One XL. This as a result will sum up the number of HTC PlayStation Mobile-certified devices to six.

Mean while, Sony expects HTC smartphones to run on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system except for the One V which is considered an entry-level smartphone.

Unfortunately, though the android crazy users don't know when HTC will launch its much awaited product into the market, they can appreciate Sony's concern towards attracting game loving audience. Currently the HTC mobile device owners may not be able to access the PlayStation.

However, Sony is constantly working with HTC to ensure the PlayStation Mobile is launched within no time.

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