HTC phones to have official boot loader unlocker

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HTC phones to have official boot loader unlocker

HTC is a name that has always been trusted for its quality performance. The high end technologies adopted in the handset is never a hindrance to the stable performance of the handsets. There have been several applications that HTC claim to introduce the first of its kind in the handsets. HTC is also known for its quality updates and time to time renewal of its applications which certainly has helped it top the charts with its record breaking sales all over the globe.

New in HTC:

Recently HTC has introduced a new boot loader unlocker in the HTC handsets. It is worded in some of the official web sites of the same, that the handsets that has been introduced after September of 2011 can be unlocked without much an effort using this tool.

It works on other handsets too. In fact HTC has set alongside a list showing some of the handsets the tool supports and can be used to unlock it with the application.

More updates of the application can be expected in the future and HTC is reportedly working on it. This means more phones can be unlocked in the future with the tool which is already a most accessed one ever since it has been released.

There are certain terms and conditions that HTC put forward for those who are excited on the news of the unlocker tool. The manufactures says that the phone warranty will be considered void once it has been unlocked. On the account of unconfirmed reports that many other phones that has not been listed by HTC are also working well with the new unlocker tool, the conditions pronounced by HTC is of high importance.

The application accessed over the air may not work according to HTC. Unaffected by the risk factors the company has announced already, the application is of high demand. This is due to the very clear reason of high possibilities and utilities an unlocked phone is assured with once it’s safely executed with the unlocking tool. The tool officially released by HTC can however be expected to deliver a supreme performance with the tool reportedly having a simpler strategies of operation and secured since there isn’t a third party involved here.

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