HTC phones will get Playstation certification

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HTC phones will get Playstation certification


Many of us love playing games on the move. If you are a hardcore gamer then you might want to carry with you a portable gaming device like PlayStation portable with you. But this can be a bit of inconvenience if you are to carry other gadgets and a mobile phone with you. You will have to find space to keep all the devices during travel. So the best way is to live with having to play games in your mobile phone. But don’t let your spirits down. There are still hopes for you according to the latest news available in the tech world.

What if you can enjoy Sony made games in your mobile phone? That is exactly what HTC is trying to provide their users. The rumour is that HTC will be getting a PlayStation certified device some time later this year itself. If this is true then the company will be introducing many Sony games through their mobile phones. This means that HTC will be the first company to provide such games other than Sony/Sony Ericsson.

It is not at all clear whether HTC would come up with a device in the specific time period. The rumour is that they already have such a device up their sleeves and it would be launched during the mobile world congress. The tech enthusiasts are expecting a HTC device with an inbuilt gamepad. This will be a very interesting piece of gadgetry. But this may not be the most probable case. The company may stick to just having a touch screen and motion sensor for gaming.

HTC has made it clear that they are going to make their devices more contemporary and unique from this year onwards. The market is now already over saturated with smart phones that come in all size, shape and features. It is very difficult to stand apart and get noticed in this market mayhem. So if HTC is able to roll out even a single gaming centric device then they would receive quite some attention.

HTC has already made some moves to make their devices unique. They have added Beats audio in some of their devices and those gadgets where very much accepted and became quite popular among the public. Having a PlayStation certification is a much bigger step. If they can co ordinate all the associated activities and come with a good device then we may see HTC in the tech world sport light soon.


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