HTC Plans To Buy OS

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HTC Plans To Buy OS
It's heard that HTC plans to buy a new OS for the mobile phones. The company plans to boost its smart phone business with the new operating system. It was Focus Taiwan News that reported the statement by Cher Wang, the chairman of HTC, that the company can use any OS it wants and there isn't any rush. Though it's not clear about the OS that HTC has fell in love with, the gossips lean more towards the name, HP Palm WebOS. The new OS is intended to improve the smart phone performance and optimize the user interface of the phone.

Cher Wang in an interview to Observer China said that the company won't rush in buying the new OS and it is completely unpredictable what OS it will be buying. He said the discussions have been made already within the company. HTC could make things very different from its opponents, highlighting on the second or third layer of a platform, he added.

It was a very accurate opinion by the chairman considering the success HTC could achieve with its several editions that had superior designs and reliable hardware solutions. All those handsets were based on a strengthened OS platform and had good software supports.

HTC will now focus its attention to some of the major players in the OS sector. It will closely monitor the functioning, and also the performance in the markets by some of the respected names in the OS business. First in the list is definitely a Baidu OS followed by an Aliyan OS. The company certainly can boast about the individuality each of its handset editions possess with each mobile edition having OS different from other editions from the company. This is indeed an advantage for users can chose the comfortable handset with HTC not limiting its any handset with a single OS, which can be a least favorite of the user. Thus it's been made clear by HTC that what exactly the company needs. HTC by adopting such decisions could always impress its customers with variant and exciting user experience from the handsets.

Very recent news in the market is about Samsung's and HTC's plans to buy the HP Palm WebOS. Samsung has already tried its luck with Google Android, Windows Phone 7 and recently a Bada OS too. The company doesn't seem to have a plan to announce about its purchase this year. Most probably, things would be made much clearer by HTC in the Mobile World Congress 2012 to be held in Barcelona, Spain next year.

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