HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel smartphones coming up in 2012

Posted By: Rahul

HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel smartphones coming up in 2012

The 3G revolution has not yet settled down. Many of the users are still moving on to 3G networks. That is when the 4G LTE enabled phones made its entry. Now the manufacturers are concentrating on bringing into market 4G handsets.

The latest handsets which are rumored to come with 4G LTE capabilities are HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel. The phones may be introduced into the market in the beginning of 2012. Whether they will make an entry in the consumer electronics show, which is to be held at Las Vegas during the month of January, is not clear. The phones are likely to be powered by the latest version of the Windows phone 7 Mango platforms which seems to be compatible with 4G networks.

News about HTC Radiant has been in the tech world for many months now. The first rumors about the phone were that the phone will come powered with Microsoft Windows phone Tango platform. Lots of discussions have been going on in online tech forums regarding this firmware and its capabilities. There where leaks that suggested that the phone will be powered by an updated version of the Mango platform which offers support to fourth generation mobile networks.

The 4G enabled handset from Samsung goes by the code name Samsung Mandel. This phone too will be powered by Windows 7 platform and is said to feature some very cutting edge specs. Its specs are said to be superior to that of Samsung Focus S which has a 1GHz processor and 512MB of system memory.

The present names of these devices are code names. They will get proper names close to their launch. There are not many details about the specifications of the device. The company’s are keeping a tight lip approach to the same. The price is also not clear, but is expected to be in range of mid level mobiles.

Apart from all this news there are speculations that Nokia too will be incorporating 4G LTE capabilities into their Windows platform based mobiles. If that is so then the competition is going to be very fierce. So in 2012 we may see more and more manufacturers introducing their own fourth generation handsets. If the mobile phone technology is improving at this rate then in the near future itself we will be seeing may be, fifth generation or sixth generation mobile phone networks and devices.

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