HTC Rezound Accessories: Get set to enhance your HTC phones

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HTC Rezound Accessories: Get set to enhance your HTC phones

HTC Rezound is a feature packed awesome phone from HTC. The screen quality, camera and the other options in the phone are too amazing. This 4G LTE enabled phone that runs on 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm MDM 9600 processor is quite powerful too when it comes to the efficiency of the processor.

If you have the plans on buying this amazing smart phone then you might also consider accessorizing it too. Its of using third party accessories the device will look and perform better with accessories that come right out of the HTC’s manufacturing unit. HTC has quite a line up of the official accessories for the phone. It includes everything from simple case covers to car kits and mounts.

The phone case cover will be one of the most needed and useful accessory. It can offer both protections for the device and can add a pinch of style to it. HTC offers a whole range of it from simple pouches to silicon gel cases. They come in a variety of colors too. The variety of material options includes leather cases, silicon covers, neoprene pouches etc. There is even a water proof case. The price ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000/-.

The next in the list can be a HTC docking station. Once you place the phone in it the dock can be used for either charging or syncing. With the HTC dock application in the phone the phone can be used as a table clock or a music player while it is being charged. The dock adds functionality and beauty to the device. It has a price range of Rs. 1,800 to Rs.2, 500/-.

When you can use your phone for unlimited number of purposes from a music player to a hand held gaming device the battery may get exhausted after hours of usage. The phone has a 1620mAh battery in it. If this is not enough for your usage then you can buy another spare 1620mAh battery or a higher capacity 2750mAh battery. The small problem to note is that with the bigger battery not all cases will fit in the phone. So you will have to use extended cases with such batteries even though there are no such cases available as if for now. It may come up later. The 1620mAh battery is priced at about Rs. 1500/- and the 2750mAh battery is priced at about Rs. 2500/-.You can even add an external battery if you want. HTC provides those too.

HTC offers a variety of charging options as well for the batteries. If you have purchased an additional battery then you might also want to buy an additional battery charger. This lets you charge the phones battery and does not require the battery to be present in the phone. Simply insert the battery into the device and plug it in and the battery will get charged while you continue to enjoy using your phone. Various options of car chargers are also provided by HTC. The list includes USB wall chargers, car chargers, international travel charger kits etc. There is even an option for charging the phone using solar power by using a solar powered phone charger.

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