HTC Sensation Takes On Its Sibling Eternity

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HTC Sensation Takes On Its Sibling Eternity
HTC is a world leader in Smartphone"s and the company has produced some of the finest products in this segment for the past decade or so. They have a large fanfare associated with its phones and is well known for the high quality and reliability of the phones they manufacture. The company is based in Taiwan and has sales and service networks spread at all corners of the globe. The company has a huge presence in India also and is one among the biggest Smartphone makers in the country.

They have a string of models in their stables besides dozens of them waiting in the dark to make an impact in the market. The company has a very good strategy of mixing their releases with Android and Windows Mobile OS based handsets. They regularly launch devices based on either of this thus keeping loyalty to the makers and fans of both the operating platforms.

Today, the comparison is between the two of HTC"s latest models of which one is already a hit whereas the other is waiting to hit Indian stress in the 3rd quarter of 2011. The models we are dealing with here are HTC Sensation and HTC Eternity.

Both are top of the line Smartphone"s that have almost all the dream features you would expect form Smartphone"s today. The styling and design of both the phones are neat and tidy and will impress almost anyone. But Eternity for sure has a more refined look and with its larger 4.7 inch capacitive touch screen based display. It provides a better visual experience than the smaller 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen based display of Sensation. HTC Sensation however benefits from the user interface of the In comparison between Android OS and Windows Phone 7, android is less interactive user interface of the Windows Phone 7 based Eternity.

On the entertainment and multimedia front both the phones are superb competitors as they are loaded with all the necessary stuff needed to become a hit. They have a music and video player that is capable of providing support to a wide variety of multimedia formats including high definition h263 and h64 formats.

The phones have a good camera configuration with both the models having an 8 Mega Pixel rear camera and a 1.2 Mega Pixel front camera that facilitates video calling.

HTC Eternity and Sensation have the latest in connectivity and communications options including 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. They also have FM radio and a 3.5 mm Universal jack.

The battle comes down to the pricing. Eternity is priced at Rs 32000 slightly higher than the Sensation that is priced at Rs 29000. Thus the latter has a slight advantage but it was a close call.

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