HTC Smart Phones To Support Hindi

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HTC Smart Phones To Support Hindi
Handsets with regional language support are not a new thing in the market. It’s a commonly recommended feature in the home grown mobile handsets and is widely available in the markets. Most commonly used languages are supported by such handsets. But it’s a surprise when it’s heard that HTC Smartphones are to receive such an update.

HTC, the international behemoths in high end gadget manufacturing has announced that its new Smartphones will support Hindi in it. This includes texting with a Hindi key board with the handset. The new update will be made available in official websites of HTC according to Mr Darren Sng, the senior director of product marketing in Asia. After downloading the file, users can surf the menu and also type messages. The latest Android 2.3 though has reportedly the same issue but it’s just for the surfing the options and customised menus. The new update is expected to increase the demand for the handset to a greater extend since other similarly featured handsets released has attained impressive sales. Since its HTC, the records can be expected to overcome by the high end gadget sales. The news is really surprising and it reveals how important HTC consider the Indian market.

According to surveys, it’s just an 11 percentage of the Indian population who can speak and write English. And it must also be considered that among them a 15 percentage are active smart phone users. Hindi is the fourth commonly spoken language in the world but still it’s not been used in smart phones. HTC by its new move has really set an example to all the other international smart phone manufacturers. There are phones that have operating systems in Hindi both from the home grown manufacturers and also multi nationals, but the keypad is again in English which isn’t desired.

The new handsets from HTC come rectifying all these problems and with its Hindi keyboard it will have all the support it would require to be among the chart toppers, from the Indian markets. The consumption of value added services is very low in India just because of the reason that only 11 percentage of the total 22 million users know English. This eventually concludes that such a change adopted by HTC is actually the need of all those service providers and manufacturers who aims the Indian markets which is emerging as one of the biggest market for Smart phones.

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