HTC to launch two quad core smart phones

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HTC to launch two quad core smart phones

HTC; clearly is a name one can’t ignore when it comes to listing some of the supreme handset the industry has ever witnessed. HTC has successfully been able to develop some of the reliable products that has inspired many manufacturers to trace follow their traces. HTC was in the forefront of introducing new innovative concepts and designs and before the entry of Android was the only means of a complete satisfaction after iOS devices.

Now news is out on the sites that HTC will most probably launch its two quad core handset which is expected to be presented at the Mobile World Congress this year. This was first indicated by Digitimes which reported that it won’t be just HTC Edge that’ll be exhibited for the mobile world congress. HTC Edge is to have NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor inside but the highlight is definitely going to be the smart phones coming with the quad processors. This possibly might be the result of the upgrades by investment bankers JP Morgan Chase who have enhanced the stock of HTC. This can be considered to be the preparation of the manufacturers and thus getting ready for the quad core based devices. This is going to be extremely important for the company to release their handsets in February and thus getting them to the market by April if HTC is into achieving a total victory over its competitors.

Quad Power:

It wouldn’t be surprising to have HTC bringing out their quad powered handsets, since it’s heard that manufacturers globally is trying to introduce the same in their own handsets but no confirmations can be given at present. Some among the heard names intending to develop their own editions of quad powered handsets are Samsung, Motorola and LG.

For years people who don’t wish to make even the slightest compromise in performance and reliability had opted for HTC and it’s true that HTC has never let them down. HTC has under its name a series of smartphones that has been designed to give out a supreme performance. With improved motherboards, fast processors and quality user interface HTC is the one of the most recommended brand in the industry. The news on HTC aiming to bring quad powered handsets is really exciting, as it’s sure to be included with once again improved applications and software’s that would work very efficiently with high speed processors integrated in the phones. It is obviously going to be better than any other handsets that are currently introduced in the market or that might possibly be released along with the HTC quad core.

The price will be set accordingly and no assumption can be now made as there isn’t any idea about the configuration of the handset.

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