Is Huawei Prepping an 8.5 Inch Android Device to Smash Galaxy Note 3?

By: Gizbot Bureau

A few images have started appearing online suggesting a huge 8.5 inch Android smartphone coming from the stables of Huawei. This image has appeared in Twitter and look like that of a working device though there is no official confirmation to this coming in from the company.

The largest smartphone we know is the Samsung's phablet model, the Galaxy Note having 5.3 inch. Now if this rumour is true, then it could be the biggest smartphone we will have in our palm.

We have seen that after the success of 5.3 inch Galaxy Note, many other companies came up with smartphones having display screens around 5 inch dimension. This new rumour has again now opened up the debate on what should be demarcation in smartphone and tablet if we go by display dimension.
Once Galaxy Note was introduced in the market, the tablet display size was pushed to 5.5 inch.

Is Huawei Prepping an 8.5 Inch Android Device to Smash Galaxy Note 3?

It is all going to be questioned again if Huawei succeeds in launching this 8.5 inch smartphone into the market. This could push the boundaries of a tablet further up.

The question however remains on how comfortable would be you to pick such a huge device and talk, which is still the most common use of smartphones. We need to wait and see if this is just a rumour or it is a real prototype of a commercial device waiting in the lab for commercial launch.

We can expect Huawei to throw some light on this either at CES event or MWC coming early next year.
Smartphones and OEM's are literally pushing the limits of tablets!

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