Huawei to continue making Windows Phone devices despite Microsoft-Nokia deal

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Despite concerns following Microsoft's $7.2 billion deal to purchase Nokia's devices business, Chinese manufacturer Huawei says that it will continue to make smartphones that run on the Windows Phone system.

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Huawei to continue making Windows Phones despite MSFT-Nokia deal

"We will continue to develop devices running Windows Phone, and launch more products", said Huawei Exec, Richard Ren, to Wall Street Journal.

Previously, Huawei was considering buying out Nokia's hardware business, however Microsoft went on to make the purchase so as to strengthen the hardware arm of its mobile OS business. In the past, Microsoft focused on its software and refrained from entering the hardware realm. However, in a move to become a devices and services company, its recent actions have angered most of its hardware partners. A good example was when Microsoft unveiled its Surface tablets, hardware partners like Acer were rather upset.

On the other hand, Huawei apparently has no problems with Microsoft getting into the smartphone hardware market. The Chinese manufacturer stepped into the tiny Windows Phone market with its Ascend W1 smartphone back in May 2013. Rivals like Samsung and HTC also make Windows Phone devices. However, none of these manufacturers achieve a significant portion of their business from making Windows Phone devices, since Android dominates the smartphone market.

Even Nokia, which is currently owned by Microsoft, has previously complained that the software giant has been slacking with updates. Even developers haven't shown too much interest in the Windows 8 platform, causing the Windows App Store to offer very few apps when compared to the iTunes store and Google Plat store.

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